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Bryan Kienlen of the Bouncing Souls Talks About Touring and Tattooing

By Rose Riot The Bouncing Souls are one of the staple bands in American punk rock. These four New Jersey boys have managed to travel the globe, playing shows with some of the world’s premier punk rock bands. But the band remains true to their punk rock roots as they still do a portion of their U.S. tours in their iconic white van. I had conversation with Bryan Kienlen, the bassist about his work with the band and a little but about his tattoo experience‚Ķ RR: The Bouncing Souls have been together for about 23 years, how long had you been together before you felt like you had made it? BK: I think when we got signed to Epitaph is when we felt like it got real. I think we’ve been able to make it so long because we have this desire to constantly make music, to outdo ourselves. RR: You have played some amazing tours and places, do you have a favorite? BK: I don’t really have a favorite anything but I would have to say Japan is very special and for sure one of the most memorable. RR: What is it about Japan that you love so much and in light of their recent disaster, have you done anything to contribute to the cause? BK: There is something about Japan that feels truly different from everywhere I’ve visited. There seems to be an air of respect and pride there, I mean honestly, they make Americans look bad. People ... Read More »