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Badass Cover Up Tattoos

Fahrettin Demir @fahrettin.demir

We all make mistakes. Sometimes things happen to us outside our realm of control, sometimes we’re just young and dumb. What matters is what we do after those mistakes are made. Do you wallow in self-loathing or pick yourself up by your boot straps and make things right? These people decided to do something about their mistakes. Tired of their poor tattoos, they decided to transform their shameful designs into something much more badass than ever before. The people featured in this gallery prove that you’re not permanently stuck with tattoos you don’t want. At any point in time you can transform horrifically bad tattoos, like the ones found in our recent bad tattoos gallery, into some of the most badass tattoos anyone has ever seen. Covering up a bad tattoo can actually be a fun pastime for some artists. The challenge of taking something that’s already been done and turning it into something better, proving themselves the superior artist, excites many artists – especially the ones who grew up playing Morph as kids. What’s Morph? Morph is an art game where one person draws an image and then another changes the image into something else. This goes on until someone runs out of ideas or draws something that was drawn before. The game goes by many names but it’s essentially practice for the type of tattoos you’ll see in the gallery below. Got a bad tattoo and want some ideas for a nice cover up? Hopefully this gallery will ...Read More »

Phil Kyle: Operation Education


By Phil Kyle I am going to touch base on the subject. All you folks out there allowing your “friends” to “tattoo” you with dodgy equipment and NO EXPERIENCE or PROPER TRAINING need to wake up… along with the folks that are scarring you up! You think they are doing you a favor because they are giving you a shitty tattoo or hepatitis? You think they have an autoclave? Or spray down the area and materials after tattoo with Trigene? Or pay (like I do) for biohazard pick-up every week? Fuck no… They probably have four needles that came with the kit they bought online… What a treat…Read More »