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Definitive Destiny Tattoos


(The views expressed in this post are opinions belonging to one person who works for TAM and are not necessarily a reflection of how everyone here feels. Most people who work for TAM don’t even play video games.) Destiny is a terrible video game. It was massively overhyped and failed at everything except the primary controls, which were well established by Bungie after three iterations of Halo and impossible to screw up. But then a bit of DLC (downloadable content) came along – DLC people had to pay for – and all of a sudden the game gets a pass on its utter initial failure. Seriously people?! So many people are die hard Destiny fans that there are hundreds of tattoos featuring aspects of the game, but we can’t get enough tattoos for a Crash Bandicoot gallery?! You had to pay them to fix the game and make it playable! But fine, here’s your Destiny tattoo gallery anyway…  Read More »