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Craft Your Profession (VIDEO)


Craft Your Profession – Old Star Press from Josh on Vimeo. My names Josh McHale, I’ve been doing the videos for Tattoo Artist Magazine since 2007. I created a new series called, Craft Your Profession. It focuses on individuals who create art and make a profession out of it doing it all by themselves. I do the same with the video aspect of it… Read More »

Adult Swim’s Tyson McAdoo Talks to Tattoo Artist Magazine (VIDEO)


Bio from Tyson McAdoo’s Site: Born from the secret love affair between a famed Scottish ballerina and the Wolfman, Tyson McAdoo spent his younger years leaping and howling in the dark woods of Carlisle. At age 18 his talents of corn dog sculpture garnered the attention of the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts… [Video and Pictures on expanded page] Read More »

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