The Real Jimmy Q – James Edward Quaintance III

James Edward Quaintance III or Jimmy Q is a pro skater, model, tattoo artist and rock star born in Los Angeles. He is the lead singer of the punk rock band called Former Lovers.James was originally a pro-skater but he started modeling in 2011 and immediately made an impression with his

Famed tattoo artist Mark Mahoney is going strong on the Sunset Strip

tattoo studio

By DiAngelea MillarReblogged from: http://www.latimes.comMark Mahoney has inked some of the top names in Hollywood.Operating out of an upscale tattoo parlor near the western end of the Sunset Strip, the owner of the Shamrock Social Club has become the go-to man for celebrities seeking tattoos.On a recent Thursday evening, wearing a

Body Art: The Ultimate Accessory

By Sali HughesRe-blogged from:“Tattooing is gross and just another form of self harm” wrote a female journalist I followed briefly on Twitter, and who was culled almost as soon as I’d typed my flamer in response. As a tattooed woman with a reasonably healthy self esteem and zero desire to