The Cutest Collection of Tatted Baby Photos Anywhere!

Of course, it is illegal to tattoo babies, that would be cruel.  However, how cute are images of babies sporting awesome tattoo designs? Most of us will agree that these photos are just too cute for words, whether it's temporary tattoos these babies are adorned with or onesie sleeves we

Six Eye Popping Eyebrow Tattoos

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10 Celebrity Tattoos Explained

Meghan Fox - The tattoo on her ribs says "There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART” Tommy Lee - The lips on his neck are a stencil of ex girlfriend Mayte Garcia's pout, coincidentally Ms. Garcia was also married to the late

Sexy Vintage & Tattooed – By Cheyenner Randall

Cheyenner Randall is the amazing artist behind these iconic vintage images.  She is a Seattle based artist that combined these famous images with photoshopped tattoos to create some pretty badass prints. Which is your favorite? Audrey Hepburn       [divider]  *To see MORE and learn about some of the MOST AMAZING tattoo artists of our

Insane Corset Piercings

Corset Piercing is a beautiful type of body modification.  You get piercings sewn on both sides, done in parallel rows then after they have healed, they can be laced with ribbon and pulled taut.  They do have a tendency to be rejected by the body, and since it is a

The Real Jimmy Q – James Edward Quaintance III

James Edward Quaintance III or Jimmy Q is a pro skater, model, tattoo artist and rock star born in Los Angeles. He is the lead singer of the punk rock band called Former Lovers. James was originally a pro-skater but he started modeling in 2011 and immediately made an impression with his

Successful High Fashion Models with Tattoos

High fashion has only in the past few years begun to accept heavily tattooed models in its shows but it has come quite a long way in a short time. Paris Fashion Week featured more heavily tattooed models this year than ever before and most of the people sporting tattoos

Body Art: The Ultimate Accessory

By Sali Hughes Re-blogged from: “Tattooing is gross and just another form of self harm” wrote a female journalist I followed briefly on Twitter, and who was culled almost as soon as I’d typed my flamer in response. As a tattooed woman with a reasonably healthy self esteem and zero desire to