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10 Bold Full Body Canvas Tattoos

Tattoos are works of art where your body serves as the canvas. Most people opt for one of two small tattoos at a time, but there are those enthusiasts who decide to make full use of their available space and get full body tattoos from head-to-toe. The most common form of full body tattoos is a collage made up of dozens of smaller tattoos. This is the easiest to accomplish because you regularly wind up with finished pieces you can show off to friends and family. A lot of people who use this method tend to have an overarching theme that ties many of the tattoos together to create one large work of art, like when someone uses a bunch of smaller pictures to make one giant picture. However, there is the more extreme case where someone gets one large portrait drawn along their body. These pieces are impressive in scope and competition, often taking days, sometimes weeks, of work consisting of multiple four-to-eight hour long tattooing sessions before the arduous task finally pays off. You can see examples of both in the pictures below, which give a variety of tattoo ideas for those looking to make full use of their own canvas. There are hundreds of art forms and styles to choose from that can pull together a full body tattoo, whether it’s a collage or one giant design. While these tattoos are quite impressive and admirable, we still recommend tattoo newcomers to get a single tattoo first before ... Read More »

Seven Exquisite Full Back Tattoos

Tattoos on the upper back range can be from simple and modest, to those that hold great significance and are quite elaborate. They can even be tattoos that stand alone or they may be the foundation for a greater idea that is yet to come. The mind of an individual getting a tattoo is unique, and the idea that generates from it is just as unique. Depending on how far the thought can go, a brilliant tattoo artist is sure to follow. Back tattoos are a commitment, in time, money and ideas. You may have to sit with your artist for a couple of planning sessions before you even begin the journey to completion.  You may also need to several sessions over the course of several months to complete your piece.  A full back tattoo is a statement of who you are and who you want to be in the world. This group of back tattoos was submitted to us via Instagram. To submit YOUR work for the world to see, TAG us on IG and use #TattooArtistMagazine  1 – Jeremy Sutton @1sutton1 Check out this article on Jeremy’s shop: Electric Anvil Tattoo This amazing tattoo is the work of Jeremy Sutton, an artist from Electric Anvil in Brooklyn. This tat gracefully blends Irezumi art with dragons to produce such a great result. 2 – Stan Corona @coronatattoo This tattoo design is a piece of art from the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts!), one of the most dignified, revered art galleries in ... Read More »

Perseverance Japanese Tattoo Exhibit Video3 w/Drew Flores

Japanese Tattoo: Perseverance, Art, and Tradition focuses on the work of seven internationally acclaimed tattoo artists –Ryudaibori (formerly Horitaka), Horitomo, Horishiki, Miyazo, Shige, Junii, and Yokohama Horiken – inspired by the Japanese tradition of tattooing and heavily influenced by the traditional Japanese arts ofcalligraphy and ukiyo-e woodblock printmaking. Specially commissioned photographs of work by each artist will be displayed alongside tools and relief carvings, as well as a recreated Torii. A companion book of the same title features additional photographs and writings, and is published by the Japanese American National Museum. Japanese Tattoo: Perseverance, Art, and Tradition is created, designed and photographed by Kip Fulbeck, and curated by Takahiro Kitamura (Ryudaibori, formerly Horitaka). *Please help SUPPORT the VMFA’s efforts to elevate tattoo and tattoo art — Follow the VMFA on FaceBook:   Related Articles: Introduction to “Perseverance” by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Japan’s Complex Relationship with Tattoo Perseverance Tattoo Exhibit VIDEO #1: VMFA w/Kip Fulbeck Perseverance Japanese Exhibit VIDEO #2 w/L.A. Horitaka Perseverance Japanese Exhibit VIDEO #3 w/Drew Flores Virginia’s 2015 Tattoo Arts & Film Festival !!  Read More »

Sailor Jerry: Oliver Peck Hold Fast (VIDEO)

[youtube] Courtesy of Salior Jerry: Oliver Peck aka “Ducky” needs little introduction ever since he joined the judging panel on the hit Spike TV tattoo competition Ink Master, but this guy’s been at it for awhile. Based at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas TX, a shop he founded with Dean Williams, Oliver has been laying in color since he was 19 years old. He even holds the Guinness World Record for most tattoos done in 24 hours with 415 pieces of his favorite subject, the number 13… Read More »

Sailor Jerry: Chris Trevino Hold Fast (VIDEO)

[youtube] Courtesy of Salior Jerry: Chris Trevino is an expert in traditional Japanese tattooing who earned the nickname “Horimana” after studying for five years under the legendary master Horiyoshi III. His elaborate, full-body representations of Asian symbology reminds us of the later works by Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins aka Horismoku. Trevino now runs Perfection Tattoo in Austin, TX which was founded by Bob Moreau in the late 70s… Read More »

Artist Profile: Chris Trevino (VIDEO)

By Ed Hardy: I first met Chris Trevino when he and his then-partner, Shawn Degan, came to San Francisco in about 1992 to talk with me about getting some work done. He had not been tattooing very long at that time but Chris’ enthusiasm and ideas were off the charts… [Video and pictures on expanded page] Read More »

Chris Trevino: Gods and Warriors Book Preview2

Gods and Warriors… This is a fitting title for Chris Trevino’s first book. His tattoos often depict these precise themes. But more notably, the title is actually fitting for Chris himself. In many ways he embodies the eternal qualities of the warrior hero or the deified persona of an ancient culture’s history; in short, a modern knight in quest for the mythic grail. His accomplishments, perhaps in a slightly older culture and rendered symbolically in the romantic style, could very well be the foundation of myth. Read More »