Impressive Orc Tattoos

Earlier this week we gave you a Warcraft gallery in honor of the new movie coming out this week. Today, we’re doubling down despite the negative reviews and giving you another gallery focused on one of the most anticipated video game movies of recent memories. Orcs are a major races

Wondrous Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are one of the most unique tattoo art styles that you can receive today. It consists of utilizing bright colored ink and little to no hard outlines to create a fluid tattoo design reminiscent of a watercolor painting. These tattoos are also made with watered-down ink, hence why

Artist Spotlight – Timur Lysenko

Timur Lysenko @timur_lysenko Timur Lysenko is a tattoo artist who was born in London but currently lives and works out of Wroclaw, Poland. He specializes in his own unique design style that utilizes splashes of colored ink within amazing black-and-grey tattoos that show off Lysenko’s mastery over tattoo fundamentals – which

Phenomenal Nature Tattoos

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, people have been taking nature for granted and largely stopped caring about the environment they live in. Don’t worry, we’re not here to preach about global warming or anything. Where you stand on the subject of the environment is you own business. That being said, there

Amazing Will Smith Tattoos

Will Smith is one of the most prominent and famous actors of the last few decades. He largely made his name as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is a bit because the series was only named as such due to Will Smith’s rapper name being The Fresh Prince. Lucky

Incredible Dragon Tattoos

Last time we talked about dragons we spoke about the mythological creature’s origins and how it’s older depictions were much more snake-like in nature. (You can check out our last dragon tattoo gallery here.) This time let’s talk about more modern depictions, specifically the scaly, fire-puking, winged giant lizard creatures

Artist Spotlight – Georgia Grey

Georgia Grey @georgia_grey There are of course plenty and today we’re covering one of the most talented female tattoo artists in North America – Georgia Grey. She specializes in watercolor and illustrative designs and, as her namesake suggests, has a traditional American tattooing background. She works out of Big Bang Tattoo

18 WTF Tattoos

While we prefer to look on the bright side of tattoo culture, there is a seedy under belly we have to address sometimes. Today we’re looking at another gallery of tattoo failures. Tattoos that make you cringe and say, “What the fuck were they thinking?!” These are the people who give

Sensational Scenic Landscape Tattoos

People have been hanging up wondrous scenic displays on their walls since before they had walls to hang them on. (That’s a caveman reference.) This tattoo gallery shows off the tat version of the scenic landscape paintings people have seen in the art galleries for centuries. This is another gallery that

Sizzling Hot Harley Quinn Tattoos

If you’ve seen any trailers of DC’s next major upcoming blockbuster movie, Suicide Squad, then you’ve already been introduced to one of the most iconic villains in recent comic book history – Harley Quinn. She’s the black and red jester best known as The Joker’s sociopathic, heavily abused and masochistic

Sexy Pinup Girl Tattoos

We’ve done a couple pinup girl tattoo galleries in the past, which you can check out here and here, but it’s been a while since we showed off one of the oldest tattoo styles in history. Pinup girl tattoos have been popular for almost over a century, and we know

Sensational Snake Tattoos

We showed off Medusa in our latest Ancient Greece tattoo gallery, who has a head full of snakes, and dragons, which are largely credited to have been inspired by snakes. It only makes sense for us to finally focus on snakes. That’s why this gallery is all about snake tattoos. Snake

Stunning Jewel Tattoos

We’ve talked about how diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the other jewels deserve love too. Jewels of all colors and cuts have been highly sought after for millennia. Wars have been fought over jewels do to their supposed worth, even though jewels are really only shiny rocks we

Death Defying Tattoos

People have been personifying death for millennia in an attempt to explain and understand why everything dies eventually. Death is the great equalizer. The end we are all doomed to meet eventually. Some people choose to go about ignore that fact, while others choose to embrace it. The people who got

Fiery Hot Tattoos

The other day we talked about firefighters and showed off a plethora of firefighter tattoos in a gallery all about honoring one of real life’s heroes. Today we’re taking a look at the firefighter’s natural enemy and showing off some great looking fire tattoos. These tattoos are bit more all over