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If April is Your Month – These Tattoos Are For You

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The month of April is the fourth month of the year, and is derived from the Latin word Aperire, meaning to open. April can also mean many things to different people such as the changing of seasons, or the Aries Ram sign of the Zodiac. The months of the year are often a symbolic tattoo that people get to show different characteristics of their personality. In the Zodiac April is either the sign Aries (if you were born on April 1-20th) or Taurus (if you were born after the 20th of April through the end of the month). Zodiac representative tattoos can get very creative, these Aries tattoos range from the symbol of the ram, to a star map of the constellation itself.Read More »

Stunning New School Tattoos

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Anyone who says tattoos aren’t art doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Some of the most talented artists in the world are tattoo artists, placing their masterpieces on the canvas of others. Tattoo artists may not have gallery openings or wind up with their work hung in museums, but they’re appreciated all around the world by millions of people. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Why are we preaching to the choir? Because today we have a gallery that perfectly encapsulates the unique artistry behind tattoos – the new school. There’s been a distinct shift in traditional tattoo style over the past few decades. More and more people from all walks of life are enjoying the artistry that tattoos have to offer, but many are opting to get designs that are a bit different from the Sailor Jerry classics many tattoo enthusiasts recognize as classics. New school tattoos are new, colorful versions of classic tattoo motifs. They combine color and black/grey to create an often cartoon-y version of a classic tattoo design or theme. These tattoos are often brighter, bolder, and have a higher quality of shading and detail than their older counterparts. These new school tattoos came about due to the natural advances in ink and tattooing technology that give modern tattoo artists more tools to work with than they had decades ago. That isn’t to say new school tattoos are inherently better than their old school counterparts, they simply make use of new technology and a wider ...Read More »

Artful, Accentuate Full Side/Rib Tattoos

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Full side/rib tattoos are among some of the most painful to have done, but they’re also one of the most flattering design choices a tattoo enthusiast can get. Not only do full side/rib tattoos utilize one of the largest canvases the human body has to offer, they also flow along the subject’s natural curvature, which is why many people who put in a lot of work to sculpt and cultivate their figure choose to get full side/rib tattoos. As you can see in the gallery featured below, full side/rib tattoos appeal to men and women equally. However, women do tend to get full side/rib tattoos more often than men because of the way these beautiful full body designs tend to accentuate their figure. Men who get full side/rib tattoos generally tend to go on to get the rest of their body covered in tattoos, while women are more likely to be satisfied with simply getting the side/rib tattoo alone. What’s truly great about these designs is the level of artistry that goes into them. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a full side/rib tattoo that does involve multiple pieces of imagery or a high level of detail akin to a masterpiece painting you’d normally hang on a wall or see in a museum. These tattoos take a lot of time and effort to complete and always speak highly of the artist who drew and applied them. Because of the real estate they take up and the time they take to apply, ...Read More »

What are Neo Traditional Tattoos?

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In past galleries we’ve shown off old school and new school styles of tattoos. Today’s gallery is about a special still of tattooing that seeks to blend the best of both worlds: neo traditional tattoos. The best way to differentiate neo traditional tattoos and traditional tattoos is their attempt at realism. The neo style shies away from the cartoonish look of its older counterparts and seeks to add a sense of photo realism to the tattoo design without completely crossing into the realism art style. In Layman’s terms, neo traditional tattoos add a realistic look to unrealistic designs. The artists who specialize in this style use bold lines and various other traditional tattoo techniques to create each design, hence the term neo – aka “new” – traditional. The differences can be so subtle that some people can’t tell the difference between a traditional and neo traditional tattoo, which has led many to proclaim that the latter form doesn’t exists. Luckily for you, we offer specialized galleries than make it easy for you to see side-by-side comparisons of both art styles. Open our old school tattoo gallery in a new window or tab and we’re sure you’ll notice a difference. Some artists and tattoo enthusiasts are naturally inclined towards the neo traditional style. You may even have a few tattoos that showcase the form even though you had no idea it existed. A lot of new tattoo enthusiasts are drawn to the realistic yet expressive, colorful style that neo traditional tattoos ...Read More »

Smoking Hot Script Tattoos

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Script tattoos present a unique challenge that many people don’t think about until they get a word, name or phrase tattooed on their body and end up regretting it later down the road. These sorts of tattoos always sound spectacular in the moment until you think about how much language, beliefs and significant others change over time. A lot of script tattoos are bound to have their meaning lost or altered as the years go by. While that may sound a bit pessimistic, it’s more a fact of life than anything else. People change, ideas change, even the meaning of words change. As we’ve said before, the best sort of names to get tattooed are of people who’ve passed on or children. Your idea of someone who’s passed and the significance he/she had on your life isn’t likely going to change, and a parent’s love for their child is (or at least tends to be) unconditional and unchanging. Outside of these two reasons, be wary of getting a script tattoo. That isn’t to say script tattoos are any less creative, intricate or cool-looking than more traditional designs. In fact, script can be used creatively within a design to emphasize a tattoo’s meaning more than any picture could possibly convey. It doesn’t have to be used as a label either. Many of the designs featured in the gallery below integrate the script into the tattoo’s overall artistic design. Of course, if the script has a powerful enough meaning, getting a tattoo ...Read More »

Impressive Chicano/Lowrider Tattoos

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Tattoos and lowriding culture often go hand-in-hand, but not for the prejudicial reasons uninformed people often ascribe to both. People often associate lowriders and tattoo enthusiasts with negative connotations of gang and other criminal elements. However, the truth of the matter is that most people from both interest areas are upstanding citizens often because of their interests. You don’t have to take our word for it though. Anthropologist Ben Chappell, who teaches American studies at the University of Kansas, wrote a book entitled “Lowrider Space: Aesthetics and Politics of Mexican American Custom Cars.” For over a decade Mr. Chappell inundated himself with the lowrider culture, getting to know club and car owners. He ultimately found that the general idea of the culture being dangerous and associated with gang activity was quite misleading, stating, “Owning a lowrider generally shows a lot of stability and responsibility. You put in a lot of time and money into a car. You have to have your life in order and don’t want to put that at risk.” The gallery below is made up of tattoos from the Mexican-American and lowrider cultures, celebrating their life values and representing the beauty of their interests and beliefs. Many of the artists featured below are known for their work with Chicano symbolism and imagery, taking pride in their ability to capture the culture’s beauty and general positivity. We can only change the perception of our respective cultures one person at a time. Progress and fighting through prejudicial boundaries often ...Read More »

Minimalist Tattoos: 10 Proven Cases Where Less Is More

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We here at Tattoo Artist Magazine see a lot of tattoos on a daily basis and cover a lot of the larger, incredibly detailed designs at length. But today we want to focus a bit more on smaller tattoos that have a big impact. As the age old adage goes, sometimes less is more. In the case of the tattoos in the gallery below, we couldn’t agree more. These tattoos are massive designs and many of them don’t include a ton of detail, but that doesn’t make them any less impactful or impressive. It’s easy to forget that tattoos aren’t about being big and boisterous. Tattoos are body art that you have to live with for the rest of your life. They’re meant to have a strong personal impact, giving you full control over your body image and the images you decide to display to the world. Sometimes less can be used creatively, like the lion puzzle that’s missing pieces or the snowy mountain range that uses the person’s skin color to full effect. The side abdominal flower design uses less ink to give it a softer look, strategically using shading instead of dark outlines to create the picture and really bring the flower to life. You’ll probably also notice many of the tattoos featured below don’t make use of color, and the one colorful design only makes use of one color too. A talented artist can do a lot with one color, utilizing shading techniques to give the design ...Read More »

10 Exquisite Native American Tattoos

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People tend to get tattoos that speak to their personal values and sensibilities, which is why most tattoo enthusiasts tend to get at least one tattoo of spiritual or religious significance. The Native Americans who originally inhabited North America were very spiritual people. They believed in harmony and coexistence with nature, an ideal that still resonates with people today. From buffalo skulls to dreamcatchers, there’s a lot of spiritual imagery to choose from Native American culture and lore. A lot of it is considered fascinating and artistic in-and-of itself, making Native American imagery a natural choice for tattoo designs for people of all ethnic backgrounds. With nature being a very popular focal point for tattoo designs, it only makes sense that people would pair pictures of wolves and full moons with Native American chiefs and hunters to create impressively detailed works of art. The synergy practically speaks for itself, which is why a lot of Native American-centric tattoos can be found on people who don’t have any blood relation or ties to Native American cultures. The gallery below showcases some spectacular Native American tattoos that show just how versatile Native American imagery can be. From black-and-white handmade stone knives to cartoon-y buffalo heads, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to be Native American to appreciate the artistry and subject matter showcased in the designs below. Maybe the next time you step foot into a tattoo parlor you’ll think about getting a Native American tattoo of your own.Read More »

Stunning Full Back Tattoos


The history of back tattooing goes back 5000 years. There are so many different styles that have emerged throughout that time, but whatever the style we simply love quality large scale back pieces. Some larger scale tattoo pieces these days are becoming fine art on skin and with fine art, certain tattoos requires a big canvas.  So, what better canvas for a large tattoo is there than a back? Here we have found some stunning full back pieces that are both truly unique and visually appealing.      Read More »

The Most Beautiful Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

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  Cancer SUCKS and the people that have to undergo this horrible journey are truly heroes.  Some people celebrate overcoming cancer with ribbon tattoos, and for family and friends of victims it is often very therapeutic to get ribbon memorial tattoos.  The ribbon has signified supporting the fight against cancer since 1992.  Susan G. Komen was the first to start the movement with their pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, and then other charities followed suit in support for certain types of cancer.  We think its a beautiful sign of support and would like to share the most beautiful tattoos displaying these ribbons.    Read More »

10 Modern Old School Tattoos


A while back we talked about new school tattoos and how they are the natural progression of the art form, but that doesn’t mean old school tattoos are dead and gone. The old school style is still very much alive and popular, with hundreds of people all over the world getting new old school tattoos each day. Old school tattoos primarily refer to Western/American styled tattoos that utilize bold black outlines and a limited color palette. They’re designed from the ground up to last for a lifetime with little to no touchups necessary to keep their appearance sharp and intact. Over the last hundred years there have been quite a few legendary tattoo artists who’ve influenced the old school style of tattooing. Norman Collins, better known as Sailor Jerry, stands among them as the most popular and widely known by far. He’s followed closely by the likes of Herbert Hoffmann, Amund Dietzel, Bert Grimm and Bob Shaw. These men and many others contributed to the popularity of the old school tattoo style, which has largely made tattoos as popular and widespread as they are today. While old school tattoo designs run the gamut of variety, there are quite a few images that are uniquely old school. The list of traditional old school designs includes: Native American tattoos Pin-up tattoos Mermaid tattoos Swallow and sparrow tattoos Heart tattoos Anchor tattoos Eagle tattoos Navy and other armed forces symbols Dagger tattoos Rose tattoos The tattoos featured in the gallery below show off ...Read More »

Incredible Realism Tattoos

F R E D S @fred_tattoo

When many people talk about tattoo designs they tend to think about tribal marks, embellished pin-up girls, abstract collages, comic book heroes and/or cartoons. Those who pain tattoos in a negative light often proclaim that tattooing isn’t an art form, but we know better. Tattooing is just as much of an art form as painting and sculpting, it just uses the human body as its canvas. Realism was an artistic movement that started in the 1850s as a response to Romanticism. Instead of exaggerating a subject’s features to express emotion, artists chose to show the subject in as close of a photorealistic light as possible. The point was to capture the true essence of the piece, the good and the bad. To allow the viewer to experience what it would be like to see the subject in person without him/her actually having to be in front of it. The popularity of realism has only grown over time with the advent of photography, and it’s just as popular in the art world today as it’s ever been. A lot of tattoo artists come from traditional artistic roots, which is probably why every art style has been represented as a tattoo at one point or another. The gallery below shows off some of the most incredible realism tattoos we’ve ever seen. Many of the tattoos featured in the gallery below look so real you’d think they were meticulously crafted from a professionally taken photograph, and for some that may even be the ...Read More »

Unbelievably Bizare Body Modifications


Tattoos can serve a lot of purposes. They can provide unique body art by which someone can express themselves, they can give back someone control of their body by covering up unwanted scars, and they can serve to enhance forms of body modification to give people an entirely new identity. Body modifications, piercing and whatnot, tend to go hand-in-hand with tattoos. People willing to get what others view as “extraneous” forms of body modification often also like to get tattoos to further express themselves. We here at Tattoo Artist Magazine don’t judge. We find unique forms of self-expression fascinating and wonderful, but it’s hard not to see some forms of body modification and not think it to be bizarre. The gallery below is dedicated to the strange, to people who have chosen to get body modification that most others simply can’t wrap their heads around. We have no idea why someone would want to split their tongue in two or have a large hole in the side of their mouth, but, if nothing else, the gallery below shows that such desires do exist. These are modifications you have to see to believe, and they certainly won’t soon be forgotten. Have you been looking for that unique idea that’ll set you apart from your friends and family, showing off your personality and ideals in a single glimpse? Maybe these pictures will ignite the inspiration and determination you need to finally get that somewhat odd modification you’ve always wanted. Why not? The ...Read More »

Tattoos by Viktor Portugal

Viktor Portugal was born in Uruguay, and currently resides in Krackow, Poland.  He started his career tattooing in 1988 when he saw a tattoo by Paul Booth which inspired him, and coincidentally his specialty tends to be black and grey macabre and usually consists of darker, more sinister images. He is most known for his biomech tattoos with surrealist accents but he is fascinated with all styles.  Read More »

Hardcore Knuckle Tattoos

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Tattoos on your hands are definitely a commitment, as this is one area that you cannot cover up with long sleeves.  This is why Knuckle Tattoos are not for the faint of heart, we like to call em hardcore.  A lot of jobs won’t hire people with visible hand tattoos so we know what a statement it is truly making by getting your knuckles inked.  Here are some of the most interesting Knuckle tats out there.  Read More »