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Honolulu Police Department Tattoo Ban Follows National Trend, But To What End?


Reblogged from:  Police departments all over the country are imposing tattoo bans of various scope on their officers, but it is unclear what difference these bans make on their abilities to enforce the law. Most recently, the Honolulu Police Department announced a ban on any visible tattoos, piercings or “dental ornaments.” Existing tattoos must be covered with a long sleeve uniform or with makeup. (Yes, makeup.) The new ban raises multiple concerns. Tattoos are a huge part of Hawaii culture, Polynesian tattoos in particular. Many see tattoos not as a fashion statement but as a statement of heritage. Similar issues were raised last year when the London Metropolitan Police banned some tattoos, since a portion of their force came from Pacific islands. A Honolulu resident summed up the second problem best: “Somebody’s going to get a heat stroke,” Beverly Neely told KITV, referring to the suggestion that the officers wear long sleeve uniforms to cover their tattoos. Mark Spencer, then president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, raised the same concern when Phoenix banned tattoos in 2011. “Imagine having to wear long sleeves along with body armor, a gun belt and having to get in and out of a police car 50 times every day,” Spencer told the New York Times. The New Orleans police department is in the process of reviewing its proposed tattoo ban in light of this concern. “As we reach temperatures close to 100 degrees on some days, it just seems like cruel and unusual punishment, just because you are proud ...Read More »

The Anticipation of Following Up: Pacific Ink & Art Expo


By Danny Casler In 2011 we set out to accomplish something that has never been done before in Hawaii. A tattoo convention. Sounds simple enough. We all have been to one or 10. I remember my first one in Vegas where I met Mario Barth & Mike DeVries and I thought “Man, this is bad ass… everyone tattooing together, the camaraderie, the skill levels being matched, the talent pool and in some areas, the lack there of.”Read More »

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