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Dana Helmuth: We are Pirates in a Sea of Blood

Pirates in a sea of blood

By Dana Helmuth As I stepped across the gap from platform to train, encumbered by the weight of my baggage and gear, in the short span of less than one foot I was ¬†magically teleported me back in time to another part of my life, like a sacred opening that led to the ethos of only thoughts and memories. It must have been a half-hour before I realized that I had taken a seat, and that my train was well on its way up the coast from Baltimore to Manhattan…Read More »

Dana Helmuth: It Really Doesn’t Get Any Better…


By Dana Helmuth My name is Dana Helmuth and I tattoo full-time at¬†Independent Tattoo on Fenwick Island, Delaware, three miles from the Atlantic Ocean, and just north of the coastal town I grew up in Ocean City, Maryland. I began tattooing professionally in 1998. This last week was great. The energy in the shop has been awesome, everybody in high spirits with busy schedules and the cool fall weather just making it fun to drive to work with the windows rolled down and some good tunes blasting from the dashboard. When everyone you work with on a daily basis is happy and smiling it just makes the day go by so smooth. The way it’s supposed to… On top of all that, I had some people on the schedule I have been anxiously awaiting to return for quite some time, which just added to my overall excitement. After having two days of quality, family time I was ready to jump in and cover a great deal of ground. It really doesn’t get any better…Read More »

Matt Amey: Self-Portrait Painting (VIDEO)

Matthew Amey

In 2008, I returned to college to study Fine Art at the University of Delaware. In December of 2009 I created this self portrait, in oil paint, over the span of 40-plus hours of painting. I constructed the stretcher bars out of one-by-three inch poplar and stretched the five-by-six foot canvas over the structure. Two coats of white gesso later and I was ready to paint. [Video on expanded page]Read More »