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Jason Lambert: Why Do Customers Get Bad Tattoos?

By Jason Lambert Why do people get bad tattoos? Why does your cousin or friend from work come up to you and show you a tattoo that is clearly sub-par and say, “Just got this, pretty cool, eh!?” Why was my left arm covered with crappy tattoos and why didn’t I notice it until years later? Why do people who we know have a good taste in art or movies, or any visual media seem so blind to the obvious fact that the tattoo they just got is total shit?  Read More »

Jason Lambert: Why Do Tattooers Hate Tattooing?

By Jason Lambert I guess that question is not exactly accurate, perhaps I should say “I think that most tattooers love their ideal of tattooing, but they hate the reality of tattooing.” I like to ask the “why” questions, and I have found that the easy answer is seldom ever the real answer…  Read More »

Jason Lambert: How Old Is Your Old-School?

By Jason Lambert If you hang around a tattoo shop long enough the chances are that you will hear a tattooer complain that tattooing is no longer as good as it was “in the old days.” One of the most common gripes along these lines is that people “these days” don’t just go into a shop and pick a design off the wall anymore, that tattooing is now about coddling customers wacky notions or interpreting their uncool dreams. Many (if not most) of these folks were not actually tattooing when flash truly was king, yet they still long for the time when a tattooer didn’t have to think (or draw) and instead could pretend to be some blue-collar Joe-Sixpack and just tattoo like it was a “job.” Along with this attitude comes the notion that tattooers shouldn’t be called “artists” or that by doing tattoos based on the clients vision and bringing an artistic mind to the tattoo one is in violation of how tattooing was done “traditionally.” Read More »

Jason Lambert: It Takes Two to Tattoo

By Jason Lambert I read a lot of interviews with tattooers, like most people I enjoy seeing the interior world of artists who I admire and it is fascinating to see the strangely differing ways that we all ended up in this profession. Often these interviews will focus on the things each tattooer sees as important to his or her work, things like choice of inks, machines, style of tattooing, etc. Yet, over and over again I notice there is one conspicuous absence, one giant factor in any tattooers world that seldom gets mentioned, even in passing. This something is so fundamental to the act of tattooing that it literally can not occur if it is missing and yet in page after page of story it doesn’t get even a passing mention… Read More »