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The Community Comes Together For Tim Beck And His Family


By Kevin Miller Reblogged from: Yesterday we shared this picture that Tim Beck of Freedom Ink Tattoo Co. posted over the weekend. The picture is from Tim’s neighborhood, and which was in the path of the tornados and severe weather that rolled through the Midwest this weekend. Many people have asked how they can help Tim and his family, and several people/companies in the tattoo world have stepped up. Here are the details: Great Lakes Tattoo will be donating all proceeds from merchandise to Tim and his family help rebuild. Crew necks $40, tshirts $20 and patches $5. Stop into the shop or PayPal your order (friends and family) to The Dirty Magic Book will be donating 100% of all proceeds of orders placed between now and Friday. Dan Smith and Danny Derrick of Captured Tattoo are auctioning off an original piece of tattoo flash. Click here to check it out, and place a bid. Bidding ends on Tuesday night. JoJo Ackerman of Eternal Art Tattoo is auctioning off an original painting. Click here to check it out, and place a bid. Bidding ends on Tuesday night. Doug Hardy of Tattoo City is auctioning off an original piece of Rosie tattoo flash. Click here to check it out, and place a bid. Bidding ends on Tuesday night. Lastly, several people have asked if they can send money directly to Tim. If you’re interested in doing this, you can send donations to *** TAM will be donating 20% of all magazine sales to help Tim and his family today, Wednesday, 11/20/2013 until next Thursday, 11/28/2013.  Use ...Read More »

JoJo Ackermann: Fear of a Flash Planet


By JoJo Ackermann About six months ago, three guys in their early 20s walked into the shop around opening time with the request to have a heart and the word “Mom” tattooed on their asses. Honestly, I thought they were just screwing around but after a few laughs and some more questions, I realized these dudes were serious about getting it done… Read More »

JoJo Ackermann: That’s The Impression That I Get


By JoJo Ackermann “Tattoos are my life!” That is a bold statement. I have heard it from beginners with less than five years and from veteran tattooers with more than 20 years in the craft… Hell, I have even said it myself. It would seem that most people who begin their journey into the world of tattooing understand that it is a lifetime commitment, which reaches far beyond the ability to just apply a tattoo. Listening and being respectful while the older veteran tattooers speak about stories and reflect on experiences, or even share tips and advise is almost like hearing tribal elders pass on the secrets of a world that is still closed off to most…Read More »

JoJo Ackermann: Take Back Tattooing? How About ‘Give Back to Tattooing’


By JoJo Ackermann I usually have a box or small pile of old tattoo magazines I’ll stumble upon in my shed or in the back room at my place. It’s always fun to flip through and see what’s inside from the years past, like old favorite tattoos that stick in your mind or maybe even seeing some old friends in the pics from a convention or something. Recently, I reached down in the pile and pulled up an old magazine from 1994, this magazine no longer exists, but this article I read was a kick in the nuts. The article was on a tattooer from the east coast named Ron Lopez. This is a quote from that interview…Read More »

Horitaka Talks About the Upcoming Bay Area Tattoo Convention


By Takahiro “Horitaka” Kitamura It’s already August, and the tattoo convention I throw with Roman Enriquez (Strong Tattoo/45s Forever) is coming up soon! This year the convention in scheduled for October 21-23 and we are returning to the SFO Hyatt Regency. Even with last year’s power outage on Sunday, the hotel is perfect for us and we look forward to a great weekend. Here are some highlights of this year’s show…Read More »