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Coastline Tattoo Seeks Grant to Support Community Art


Coastline Tattoo is involved in a co-owned gallery space called Helltown Workshop, also in Provincetown at 237 Commercial street inside Whaler’s Wharf. Kris Smith, the owner of Coastline, works with four other local artists to bring art from the community that doesn’t necessarily get shown in the other more traditional galleries that line the main strip… Read More »

Helltown Workshop Presents: Nautical Legends and Lore Art Exhibit


By Kris Smith For as long as there has been ocean travel and story telling there has been tales of sea serpents wreaking havoc on ships and sailors. Leviathans of biblical proportions as well as the mermaids and sirens of Homer lured ships to swirling whirlpools and deadly reefs. The giant squid of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Godzilla and Moby Dick all have captured the imaginations and intrigue of the public…Read More »