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“LGBT Support and the Tattoo Industry” by Nick Baxter


by Nick Baxter: Everyone reading this is probably well aware of the mass shooting tragedy in Orlando, Florida a few days ago, targeted specifically at a popular gay nightclub. While headlines and attention tend to quickly move on to other current events, the trauma and aftermath is still being sorted out for all the victims, and many generous people and organizations have set up relief funds to help them. If you feel compelled to donate, here are two such efforts: Thankfully, there has been a very supportive social media response to the Orlando shootings from tattoo artists and industry people. Yet, on a daily basis at tattoo related public events, LGBT issues seem to be rarely broached and are almost never amongst any of the tattoo artists I know or have been around. Although I don’t have close involvement with a vast majority of the tattoo world, especially as it grows exponentially bigger seemingly every year, I would love to see a more vocal and public consciousness around LGBT issues from tattooers and those involved in the industry. As it slowly evolves away from the secluded underground, and often quite intimidating “macho boys club” that it used to be, I’ve wondered to myself why there aren’t more proud and openly gay/trans tattoo artists making waves in the tattoo world (or if there are, why am I not hearing about them the same way I hear about all kinds of other industry happenings?). After all, it has historically been ...Read More »

LGBT Pride Tattoos


We’d all like to believe the human race has evolved over the years. Not physically of course, that form of evolution takes thousands of years, but in a moral sense. In a large part, we have, but every so often tragic situations remind us that hate and persecution are still very much part of the human condition. Last Sunday, on June 12th, 2016, one of the worst hate crimes in US history since 9/11 occurred in Orlando, FL when a open fire in a gay nightclub, killing almost 50 people and seriously wounding 50 more. The thoughts and prayers of everyone here at TAM go out to the multitudes of families who affected by this horrific tragedy. We here at TAM believe in equality in all it’s forms, which is why we’re doing what we can and celebrating the LGBT community with this gallery. It isn’t much, but it’s what we do here and we hope you enjoy these tattoos too.Read More »