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An Interview with Matt Arriola

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By Nicki Kasper Let’s start with who you are and where you work…. My name is Matt Arriola. I work by appointment at Spotlight Tattoo in Los Angeles where I’ve been for almost a year. Tell us about your tattoo history. Who do you credit for teaching you the trade? How long have you been at it? I’ve been fascinated with tattoos since I was a little kid in Idaho… I can’t remember any special moment where I knew it was my thing, that probably came later as I got involved with skateboarding and playing music in punk and hardcore bands in Idaho. That’s what kind of led me into tattooing. I’ve  liked to draw since I was a little kid and when I was about 18 I decided I wanted to tattoo. I went to every shop in town with a resume and a bunch of drawings asking for apprenticeships. Haha!! Totally the way you’re not supposed to do it! I spent every day and night copying my favorite artist’s work out of tattoo magazines I bought at the gas station. I think my friends and family thought I was nuts!! Anyway after many denials, I finally landed an apprenticeship with Sean Wyett at Black Cat Tattoo. I bailed out early on my apprenticeship and moved to Seattle. This was about 6 months into it. Once in Seattle with no money and a whole 7 months of tattooing under my belt I found it difficult to find a job. Haha!! Once ...Read More »

Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Makes Appearance in Hilarious Tattoo Shop Ad

By Brian Tremml Source: We’ve all been there. One day you have a moment of clarity over your morning coffee and come to the realization that you just don’t like dolphins anymore. There’s only one problem: that beautifully detailed, multi-colored and not-at-all-cartoonish representation of a dolphin you got tattooed on your arm during your rebellious phase of college. So, what’s a girl to do? No need to worry, because Nekkid Nate and all of the other employees of Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta “can fix that,” by providing cover ups for any and all of the ill-informed decisions of your youth. Watch their hilarious advertisement above. The ad features Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds, who apparently is interested in running for public office now. He’s got our vote.Read More »

Ten Questions: Nick Wasko


By Sang Bleu Reblogged from: Based in Vancouver, Nick Wasko quietly tattoos from a private studio off Davie Street, just a few short blocks from the beautiful beaches of English Bay. Stepping into his studio is comparable to walking into a time warp – his collection of tattoo flash, memorabilia, and ephemera permeates all areas of the space. Although working from a private studio (though he is no stranger to street shops),Wasko’s tattoos look right at home alongside the tattoo your grandpa would have selected from the flash on the walls of a tattoo shop fifty years ago. I recently caught up with Wasko to briefly discuss his tattoo practice, the role of the Internet in tattooing, and the history of tattooing in Canada. Wasko was also kind enough to share a few images from his ongoing project documenting old Canadian tattoos. Enjoy!Read More »