10 Sexy Tattoo Models You May Not Know

Let's face it, there are many beautiful heavily inked women nowadays, and we all have our favorite tattoo models. Many have been around a few years and we know their faces well. These are some of the sexiest new inked girls you may have missed, but definitely deserve our notice! 

The Real Jimmy Q – James Edward Quaintance III

James Edward Quaintance III or Jimmy Q is a pro skater, model, tattoo artist and rock star born in Los Angeles. He is the lead singer of the punk rock band called Former Lovers.James was originally a pro-skater but he started modeling in 2011 and immediately made an impression with his

The Stunning Bantik Boy

Valentina, otherwise known as Bantik Boy is a stunning Russian tattoo model with a bangin' body and a matching spunky attitude.  We absolutely love her and think you will too! Continue by hitting the arrow or check out this one: [button color="green" size="medium" link="http://tattooartistmagazineblog.com/2016/03/21/hottest-tattooed-models-ever/2/" target="blank" ]Hottest tattoo models[/button]