Incredible Native American Indian Tattoos

Native American tattoos are incredibly popular today. If you haven’t seen them already, you can check out our other Native American tattoo galleries here, here and here. (We’ll let each one be a bit of a surprise. Since everyone seems to enjoy Native American tattoos, we’ve decided to bring you another

The Best Native American Tattoos You’ll See

If you haven’t checked out our previous Native American galleries, you can check them out here and here. We’ve recently released quite a few Native American tattoo galleries because of how popular their culture and symbolism is in tattoo designs, and we hope all of you enjoy this gallery as

10 Exquisite Native American Tattoos

People tend to get tattoos that speak to their personal values and sensibilities, which is why most tattoo enthusiasts tend to get at least one tattoo of spiritual or religious significance. The Native Americans who originally inhabited North America were very spiritual people. They believed in harmony and coexistence with

For the Record: Jack Redcloud

Courtesy of Tattoo Archive: I recently came across an ad in The New York Times for prints from Edwards S. Curtis’ Native American photographs. Curtis is well-known for his images of the fading American Indian’s way of life. One of the images offered in this advertisement was for the Oglala Sioux