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Fantastic Ninja Tattoos


Okay people, we need to have a bit of a discussion about what constitutes a ninja tattoo and what doesn’t. While Naruto may involve ninja-esque characters, they are quite a ways removed from actual ninjas. Therefore, when searching #ninjatattoo on Instagram, we don’t expect to see the slew of Naruto tattoos that we saw. Also, there’s a difference between ninjas and samurais. They may have existed during the same time period, but they are not the same. The pictures featured in the tattoo gallery below feature ninjas, and quite a wide variety of them too. Enjoy.Read More »

Tyler B. Murphy: Hand Poked Tattoos on Die Antwoord


By Tyler B. Murphy My mate Ryan got stabbed in the back outside a bar in my old neighborhood. They snatched his friends handbag and left him thinking that he had been punched on his right shoulder-blade. Moments later as the blood cooled, he felt the wetness, and realised the truth behind the sharpened steel in the punch…Read More »