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*NEW* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Victor Policheri

Heidi Hay Tattoo

Gothenburg, Sweden

IG: @viptattoo

Chef Jorn left sleeve DDLM Tommy right sleeve lg






*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Hanumantra Lamar

Modern Body Art, Birmingham

IMG_8918 IMG_9128 IMG_8918 IMG_9191

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by James Mullin.

Lotus Tattoo

Hemet, CA

IG: @jamesmullintattoos @lotustattoohemet

image copy 2 image copy image copy 4 image copy 3

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Matt Lang
Mike Parsons Ink, Riverview, FL

4 bughead7 D.O.DOWL

athena tattoo

*New* Photos Added to the Gallery

Tattoos by Sean Drennen

Absolute Ink

Murfreesboro, TN

1455016_618242021573799_449095083_n copy front view of shins 1656253_668070833257584_1605191491_n mitchskull300

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Ryan Willard

Marrion Street Tattoo, Denver Colorado

photo 2 photo 2 copy photoimage

*NEW* Photos Added to the Gallery

Tattoos by Shawn Will

Red Dagger Tattoo, Houston TX

image copy 2 image image copy 4 image copy

*NEW* Photos Added to the Gallery

Tattoos by Marco Tafuri

image copy 5image image copy 4 image copy 2

New Service Uses Artist’s Tattoo Photo to Create One of a Kind Custom Phone or Tablet Cases


Media Contact:
Adam Anderson

Long Beach, CA, December 20th, 2013 — TATTCase has just launched a IndieGoGo campaign that aims to put your tattoo onto your smartphone or tablet.

The TATTCase process goes far beyond simply taking a photo of a tattoo and printing it onto a generic case.  Using a photo of your tattoo, each case is individually transformed into high quality case by our team of graphic designers.

Here’s what our project will create;

Amazing Reproductions - The contrast between skin and ink makes it impossible to create a high-quality case with only a photo.  We have a team of top-notch designers who will take your photo and transform it into a case of the quality you would expect.
Sleek design - Our cases offer a custom fit, snap-on design with a raised bezel that feels exquisite to the touch.  They provide good all around protection, maintain ease of access to all of your device ports, and protect the screen when your device is face down, so you can show off your unique case without worry.
Easy as can be -  All that is needed to get a TattCase is a photo of a tattoo and your approval of the pre-production work.  After that, it will be delivered right to your front door.

Anyone interested in obtaining a TattCase can visit

About TattCase

Our mission is to put your tattoo on your case.  Learn more at;
#TattCase (twitter)tattcase-infographic

Why It’s Important For Tattoo Artists To Travel

By Dawn Cooke

Dawn cooke at Japanese tea garden

I have been traveling on and off since the beginning of my career.  I haven’t always been able to travel as much as some of my peers because I have other obligations that make travel less accessible to me. But whenever I can I try to visit places and often I go where I have friends. True friends in life and in tattooing are hard to come by but as I have learned once you find them they make life so much more enjoyable.

There are several reasons that I travel. I go for work, I go for pleasure, I go to network with others in tattooing and I go for inspiration. Nothing pays off more than being inspired by your peers. That’s why instagram is such a big hit! But instead of being glued to your phone get out there and meet all those great artists Face to face!

Totem at Native herritage museum Anchorage

 I recently went to Eagle River Alaska to visit my good friend Deb Yarian. It is a really beautiful place. Mountains, Fresh air, I really got the feeling that people there try to look out for one another. So different from here in metro Detroit where I am from. I have tried to bring a little of that brotherly love back here to Detroit with me.  Being there just really made me look at the world a little differently. People there are somewhat isolated and it seems like it makes they so much kinder to one another.

*New* Photos Posted To The Gallery

Tattoos by Josh McClear

Redemption Tattoo, Cambridge, MA

image_2 copy image_1 image_1 copy image copy

Swallows & Daggers with Destroy Troy


I got some time and had an online chat with tattooer and all around good guy, Destroy Troy. Following is the interview, and ways you can reach him yourself for any inquiries.

Interview by Jordan Tinney 

Reblogged from:

Jordan Tinney: What is your (nick)name and where do you work?
Destroy Troy: I go by “Destroy Troy”. I tattoo at Timeless Tattoo in Historic Westport in Kansas City, Missouri. USA

JT: What year did you start tattooing professionally, and what got you started on tattooing?
DT: I started working in tattoo shops 2005 then started tattooing full time in 2007. I’ve always had an interest in art. Lots of drawing and painting when I was a kid, I got my first tattoo & the next thing I knew I had sleeves.

JT: How did your nickname “Destroy Troy” come to be?
DT: I was apprenticed by someone with a nickname/tattoo name and forced to get one. Not knowing what to pick, I used my URL from MySpace, which was DestroyTroy because TroyDestroy was already taken. Hahaha. I’m screwed now, if I google my birth name, nothing shows up.

JT: Where was your first shop, and how long were you there for?
DT: The first shop I worked at is in Kansas City. I worked there for 2 years as a front counter guy/cleaner.


*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos Sarah Bolen

Black Mirror Parlor, Berlin

TAM-birdy TAM-4eyes TAM-elephant TAM-ladybfly

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Driz

Instagram: @drizelinink, @true_tattoo_studio

True Tattoo, Gold Coast, Australia

image copy 3 image copy 2image copy image

Tas Danazoglou

Photos and Interview by Ino Mei


The charismatic and one of a kind Tas Danazoglou spoke exclusively to HeartbeatInk, while tattooing at his booth at London’s “Into You” Tattoo Studio, about the art of the tattoo with absolute honesty and humour.

When did you first get involved with tattooing?

Twenty years ago, when I was 22 years old I began as an apprentice of Mike the Athens. Actually, Mike taught me everything I know. I still feel like Mike’s apprentice (laughs), because he is a such a perfectionist and even now calls me and tells me “what you did wasn’t that good, you have to do it like this”. He is also one of my best friends. We are like brothers.


What were you doing previously?

I was a radiologist’s assistant.

How did drawing come into the picture?

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My father was an amateur painter. Perhaps I was influenced by him. But yes, I definitely drew.

How did the transition from drawing to tattooing happen?

It’s kind of funny. Mike was my tattoo artist and because he likes music I used to record cassettes for him with death metal bands (I think he still has them) and I would paint their covers. At some point, after seeing my designs, he asked me to become his apprentice. I had never thought I would become a tatooer…


*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Ivana.

Birdie 2 Elephant Portrait of woman Skull and Cactus

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Alex Strangler

Studio City, CA

Newwwww 497Newwwww 2573Newwwww 2405 copy

mar2101 343

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Ben Merrell

Fort Collins, CO

image copy 2 image copyimage copy 3image

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Richard Cook

Columbus, OH

IMG_2813 IMG_3717 IMG_6642 IMG_7926


*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Alex Trufant

San Angelo, TX

image copy 2 image copy 3 image copy image

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Ali Walters

Austin, TX

image copy 2

image copy 3

image copy image

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Adam Lauricella

Graceland Tattoo, Wappinger Falls, NY

Jesus LauricellaMERLIN Adam_Lauricella-cowboyskull traditionalcabby

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Curtis Burgess

Fort Collins, CO

_DSF8771 copy _DSF9074 copy IMG_1601 IMG_0445 copy

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos and Painting by Jeff Johnson



blu biomechKnucklehead framed


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