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Viewer Discretion is Advised


WARNING: At least one of the pictures in the gallery below is going to make you a bit squeamish and cringe in disgust. We don’t not advise anyone to view this gallery shortly before or after eating, unless you’re trying to stop yourself from doing so. Why do we keep showing off horrendous piercings and the consequences of them? Frankly, you guys click on this posts more than our nice, happy, professional tattoo galleries, and we’re also trying to bring awareness to people and stop piercings like these from happening. We’re all for body modification in a variety of forms, and we thoroughly believe people should be free to do with their body as they wish, but permanent mutilation should still be avoided at all costs. That’s why we keep churning your stomach with these pictures. Hopefully we’ll start seeing less of them and will be unable to garner enough photos to make more galleries in the future.Read More »

Safety Pins ARE NOT Jewelry


Common sense really isn’t common anymore, is it? (Was it ever?) It doesn’t matter if it’s gold or silver-plated. A safety pin is NOT jewelry. It doesn’t matter how you dress it up. Piercing yourself with a safety pin is more self-mutilation than formal body modification. It doesn’t look cute, it looks like you’re broke, bored and possibly desperate for attention. Don’t agree with us? Take a look through this gallery and then tell us we’re wrong. Using safety pins in place of actual piercings looks poor and is incredibly unhealthy. Just don’t do it.Read More »

These Piercings Don’t Look Healthy…


If your piercing looks even remotely like the ones shown in the gallery below, you’ve done fucked up! We don’t know for sure, but we’re willing to bet most of these – if not all of them – are do-it-yourself piercing jobs gone horribly wrong. There’s a reason people pay professionals to do their body modifications for them, and it’s not because they’re “suckers” or have more money than they know what to do with. It’s because they know just how unhealthy poorly done body modifications can be. Modern medicine has come a long way, but it still can’t fix utter stupidity. If you get poor tattoos and/or piercings and don’t take care of them properly, you can seriously impact your health in a permanent negative manner. You could even risk fatality! (That means death.) Don’t end up like one of the morons in the pictures below. Make sure you get all your body modifications professionally done and conduct all aftercare appropriately. After all, your life can wind up in the balance.Read More »

Celebrating Transitions with Premium Tattoo Ideas


A person’s tattoo is a representation of their personality, beliefs, and values. As people evolve and transition into a better version of their former selves, a suitable tattoo must be inked accordingly. In order to get a tattoo that is truly unique and states your individuality, let go of all the notions you’ve formed regarding body art. In order to get the right tattoo, lock into the inspiration that’s driving you through life. Whether you wish to mark an achievement, a major event in your life, or honor a close friend or family member, the sentimental value behind a tattoo is what makes it meaningful to you. There can be multiple things going on in your mind that may require careful consideration. Should you feel even the slightest hesitation in your decision, think again. Your commitment to this decision should come before everything else. While many things can be done if you aren’t as thrilled about a tattoo when you first get it, such as cover up tats or laser removal, one should never enter a studio with short-lived or questionable tattoo ideas. While some tattoos do represent current trends and fashion statements, from music to sports teams, you should think long and hard about what speaks and resonates with you because fashion and trends have a habit of dying out. Here are a few things you should take into consideration before locking in your decision to get a tattoo. Your Personality A lot of people often opt to get tattoos ...Read More »

15 Crazy Piercings You Can’t Un-See


We’re not going to pretend to understand why the people featured in the gallery below chose to get the odd piercings they have, but we’re also not one to judge. We here at TAM believe everyone has a right to do whatever they want with their body in order to realize their ideal outward appearance. And we also believe that we have every right to be astounded and confused at their decisions. Some of the piercings featured in this gallery seem outright dangerous. Wouldn’t having spikes sticking out of your gums constantly leave your lips bleeding? Wouldn’t having bars in front of your eyes impair your vision? The ankle bolt in one of the pictures looks like it goes straight through bone! On the other hand, who doesn’t want to be Wolverine? Even with these piercings have to admit they’re abnormal. Someone could live their entire life without ever even knowing such piercings were even possible. But now, thanks to the internet, you don’t have to wait on happenstance to see the odd and unthinkable. We’re here to bring you all the strange you can take! (Wait, that came out wrong.) Anyway, consider this your warning. What you’re about to see is impossible to un-see. You will forever be burdened with the knowledge that piercings like these exist in the world. It’ll skew your “Wow” meter. Some of things you once though strange and odd will now appear mundane by comparison. Seriously, looking at this gallery could drastically affect your ...Read More »

Some of the OG’s of the Tattoo Industry and Artists Who Have Shaped the Industry


Bob Tyrell is an American Tattoo Artist based in Warren, Michigan. He was born in Detroit and began tattooing in his early 30’s. He is most known for his black and grey work in hyperrealism and Rock and Roll subject matter. He tattooed Kid Rock’s back and boasts a 8 month long waiting list.. He has been featured in LA Ink and London Ink.Read More »

There’s a Story In These Eyes- The Most Realistic Eye Tattoos

alexy moroz

They say the windows are the eyes to the soul, well these surely do bore straight through to ours.  These are some of the most realistic eyeball tattoos around.    Read More »

The Weird Beautiful World of Normal Carrey


Kaiyu Huang a.k.a. Normal Carrey, who was born in Shanghai creates some pretty amazing esoteric artwork that are stunning tattoos.  He currently lives and works in New York City, and is a student at Parsons the New School.  Normal started tattooing in 2013 and oddly enough had no tattoos himself when he started.  His unique brand of asthetic tattoo art features statuesque portraits and is comprised of geometric elements.  Normal is slowly but surely creating a name for himself with his unique designs that truly are a departure from the tattoo norm. We think they are amazing and would love to hear your thoughts!  Read More »

Unbelievably Bizare Body Modifications


Tattoos can serve a lot of purposes. They can provide unique body art by which someone can express themselves, they can give back someone control of their body by covering up unwanted scars, and they can serve to enhance forms of body modification to give people an entirely new identity. Body modifications, piercing and whatnot, tend to go hand-in-hand with tattoos. People willing to get what others view as “extraneous” forms of body modification often also like to get tattoos to further express themselves. We here at Tattoo Artist Magazine don’t judge. We find unique forms of self-expression fascinating and wonderful, but it’s hard not to see some forms of body modification and not think it to be bizarre. The gallery below is dedicated to the strange, to people who have chosen to get body modification that most others simply can’t wrap their heads around. We have no idea why someone would want to split their tongue in two or have a large hole in the side of their mouth, but, if nothing else, the gallery below shows that such desires do exist. These are modifications you have to see to believe, and they certainly won’t soon be forgotten. Have you been looking for that unique idea that’ll set you apart from your friends and family, showing off your personality and ideals in a single glimpse? Maybe these pictures will ignite the inspiration and determination you need to finally get that somewhat odd modification you’ve always wanted. Why not? The ...Read More »

Six Tattoo Artists That Will Blow You Away

Screenshot 2016-03-01 12.30.52

  Just like clothing and jewelry, tattoos are a collectible outlet for self expression that show off an individuals style. We love celebrating diversity and finding new artists that have that certain something that sets them apart. These artists have truly peaked our interest and we think they will peak yours as well. Sascha Unisex  Read More »

Sexy Face Tattoos for Women

Jemmy J Page & Lucy Sky

Face tattoos are a bold statement, and often taboo in mainstream culture but we think if done right they are also very sexy.  These women pull off the sexiest face tattoos around.    Read More »

Amazing Skull Tattoos

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 12.50.37 PM

Skull tattoos have many meanings, it can mean recognition of death, celebration of life, and just about everything in between. As such, it’s not uncommon nowadays to have fully customized inked versions of the skull at particular parts of the body. Every tattoo artist has got at least one in his portfolio and all convey at least this uniform message: Life is Short, so you need to live each day to the fullest.  There are so many amazing skull tattoos out there but we have gathered a few of our favorites below.  Read More »

16 Tattooed Quotes and Sayings

“Tale as old as time” - from Beauty and the Beast

Tattoo quotes and Tattoo Sayings are very popular nowadays. People who have these type of tattoos vary from teens that want to make a statement to Hollywood stars that want their fans to remember something. Certain quotes can represent something different for each person. To some, it might be a reminder of a memorable part of their life, or the expression of a constant state of mind, or even a simple life-lesson which can be applied in everyday living.   Check Out More Great Tattoo Galleries!    Read More »

The Most Attractive Tattoo Placement For Women

We love underboob tattoos

The female physique is nothing short of perfection and nothing is sexier than a confident woman who enhances her natural beauty with a stunning tattoo.  Check out some of our favorite locations on the woman’s body. Chest & Neck In Europe they call this area the décolletage. The skin is soft, often exposed to sun and for the most part, exposed the majority of the time. To many it is the most feminine part of the body.  A tattoo in this area is a true statement that a woman knows who she is, now and will be for her lifetime. Tattoos on the neck are a very noticeable thing. Here we collect some of most beautiful and attractive neck and chest tattoo designs for women. Cleo Watterstrom The Beautiful Sarah Hayden Tattoo by Roxx Under the Breasts The newest and sexiest trend, right under the breast. Sometimes the designs graces the sensual curves of the cleavage and sometimes the design follows the curves of the underside of the breasts.  These are especially sensual as they are covered more than shown so you know these tattoos have a very deep and personal meaning to the wearer.  Read More »

12 Couples Tattoos That Will Melt Your Heart


Getting a matching/cooresponding tattoo with your significant other is ever the rage these days. They’re a few urban legends around that tell us this is taboo but, we think it’s pretty awesome. Whether you’re already wearing a token of your undying love in the form of ink for your sweetheart or thinking about partaking in this epic past time, we think you will get a kick out of these 12 awesome couples tattoos. 1. All Love is Equal 2. Soul Mates >> SEE MORE by clicking below:Read More »