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*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Byron Winkelman

Gilbert, AZ

IMG_4275 IMG_7036 IMG_7112 IMG_7930 copy

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Sung Song

Studio City, CA

IMG_5257 IMG_0348IMG_5911 copy IMG_7482

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Greg Whitehead

Portland, OR


photo (1) photo (4) photo copy

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Megan Wilson

Analog Tattoo Arts Kollectiv, San Jose & San Francisco, CA

IMG_6197 IMG_6949 IMG_7186 IMG_8234

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by James Mullin

Hemet, CA

image copyimage copy 2 image copy 4image

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos and Painting by Randy Randerson

Lake Havasu City, AZ

image copy 2 image copy 3 image copy image

*New Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Jayme Goodwin

Roseville, CA

photo copy 2 photo copy 3 photo copy photo

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos and Painting by Joe Larralde

Portland, OR

IMG_0086 IMG_0088 IMG_2347 copy Polynesian

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Johannes Blackstallion

Good Faith Tattoo Boston, MA


IMG_0829 IMG_4728 IMG_7105

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Mike Riina

Lansing, MI


IMG_2165 IMG_1631

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Jimmy Bertram

Bakersfield, Ca


IMG_3660 IMG_5591 IMG_9531 copy

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Jasmine Wright

San Diego, CA

0221.25757-634653904892331250 0602.25757-634742490888660000 383569_3830774727965_1724535418_n 384001_3759946717309_1151205025_n

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Tony Klett

Mesa, AZ

IMG_1879 IMG_3747 IMG_4109 IMG_4122

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

Tattoos by Horimasa


horimasa 5 horimasa4 Horimasa snake Horimasa 22

*New* Pictures Added To The TAM Gallery

Tattoos by Ross Carlson

Portland, OR
photo 1  photo 4 photo 5 photo 3

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Sean Drumm
The Razors Edge


deankellyphotography2013-130231 7IMG_0097IMG_5176

Dave Waugh: Work in Progress Session VI (By Hunter Spanks)

By Hunter Spanks
1:41pm August 29, 2012 and Lizzy finds herself back in Georgetown at Jinx Proof Tattoo for the sixth session on her back piece by Dave Waugh. A mystical piece complete with unicorns, naked women, hidden cocks and butt plugs just to round things out. Dave prepares a message table as they harass each other in preparation for the session to start. I’m sure this is just to work out the nerves. At least on Lizzy’s part. Dave seems cool as a cucumber as always…  (more…)

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Jack Mauk
Port City Tattoo
Long Beach, CA
jack-mauk-1 jack-mauk-2 jack-mauk-3 jack-mauk-4 jack-mauk-5
TAM Blog 2013 Gallery

Dawn Cooke: Never Take Each Other For Granted

By Dawn Cooke
This blog is about the intricacies of the client/artist relationship. It’s sort of like any other relationship, only usually interactions happen in relatively short bursts and there are just so many of them. I try to always value this relationship and interaction. I think it is a valuable life experience for both parties, usually… (more…)

VICE: In Cuba, Tattoo Artists Make More than Doctors and Lawyers

247955866d749ef2d3213bf14290ebcdStory by Jasper Craven. Photos by Stacey Rupolo. (Story originally appears at
This year, a 52-year-old politician named Miguel Diaz-Canel was appointed vice president of the ruling Council of State in Cuba, making him a likely future leader of the country. Some Cubans hope he will lead their country into a new era. One reason: while he was governor of Villa Clara province, he sponsored a tattoo festival…  (more…)

Assistance Through Creative Block

melissa-fusco-0By Melissa Fusco
At one time or another in every artist’s life, including myself, we have all experienced some type of artist block. There are many levels of creative block, from just the annoyance of interrupted flow that is short-lived or even deeper resulting in depression, lack of self-worth, loss of self-esteem and unfortunately self-destruction. An artist block or otherwise known as “creative block” is the inability to access one’s flowing stream of inspiration and creativity. What was once an overflowing well of ideas may now feel like an endless drought. It can last for days, weeks, months or even years. A feeling of loss in self may arise, and with every forward gaze stands fear, fear of not creating a worthy piece because of all the emotional strain that has occurred…  (more…)

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Charles Ong
Los Angeles, CA
charles-ong-1 charles-ong-2 charles-ong-3 charles-ong-4 charles-ong-5
TAM Blog 2013 Gallery

Icelandic Tattoo Convention 2013

222Story and photos by johndotcom
Iceland… Land of the Midnight Sun… In retrospect, ending a month-long European trip in a place that has 24-hours of sunlight was probably not the best idea I’ve had. However, despite the lack of sleep and the subsequent fatigue-jetlag-exhuastion-sleep deprivation-sinus cold I’ve had since returning to the States… I’d say it was well worth it… Before I continue, I just want to thank Össur, Linda, Thomas Asher, Olafia and everyone at Reykjavik Ink for making all the madness possible… (more…)

Paul Dobleman: Psychedelic Stories from the Road

Psychedelic s for webBy Paul Dobleman: Due to the fact I’ve been on the road, I haven’t had the chance to do a proper psychedelic story, so you are going to just have to hear one of mine… (more…)


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