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Does It Get Any Stranger Than This?!


Working within the tattoo and body modification industry for years, we’ve all seen a lot of strange things over the years. Which is why we have to ask if it gets any stranger than what you’ll see in the galleries below. Granted, we’re sure many people will think, “Oh course there are stranger things. There’s a lizard man walking about the world right now!” But the thing is, we at least understand those types of body modifications more than these travesties. At least the lizard man had a clear idea of what he wanted and achieved his ideal body image. We have no idea what happened to the people in this gallery though. And that makes it all incredibly strange to us.Read More »

What the Ffffffffff…


We’re all for people being free to modify their bodies as they wish, but we’re not going to pretend like we understand every body modification we’ve ever seen. Just because we’re in the industry doesn’t mean we “get it” any more than you do. Hence the gallery you see below. These are a collection of body piercing photos where we simply don’t understand why these people decided to get the piercings they got. Honestly, we can’t even comment to whether or not they’re good or bad. They just ARE – they exist. It’s an odd gallery to be sure, but one we thought you all might find as fascinating as we do.Read More »

Body Modifications Bordering on Self-Mutilation


Why? We’re seriously asking, because we can’t really think of a reason for these terrible piercings. Speaking of, when do body modifications become so bad they count as self-mutilation instead? Don’t follow in these people’s footsteps. There are better modifications you can get than these pointless piercings. And if you’re going to get a body modification, respect yourself enough to get it done professionally. Bad piercings and body modifications are a health hazard that can have permanent repercussions on your life. We’re really not sure how much plainer we can be about not getting bad body modifications. Don’t end up like one of these people!Read More »

28 Die Hard Fans – Tattoos of Their Favorite Celebrities

Nikko Hurtado. @nikkohurtado

A celebrity is someone with a large amount of fame and public attention who is often followed and admired by a large amount of people, either for how they live their life, what they do for a living or some major incredibly feat they’ve accomplished. Being such an influential figure in so many lives, it should come as no surprise that celebrities are often the subjects of tattoo designs. There are so many celebrity tattoo designs out there that we’ve put together a gallery of 28 pictures that feature new and old celebrities alike. You’ll probably recognize a lot of the faces you see.  Read More »

Diamonds are a Girl’s Bestfriend


These diamond tattoos certainly take the old saying, “Diamonds are forever”, literally – although maybe that’s not quite as true as it used to be as far as tattoos are concerned. Regardless, we all know diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend and many of the images in this gallery seek to prove the point. There’s no shortage of lovely ladies sporting amazing diamond tattoos, and this gallery has some of the best around. Thinking about getting a diamond tattoo design of your own? Be sure to share it with us on Instagram and you might find your tattoo and Instagram account on an upcoming gallery post.  Read More »

Exceptional Shoulder Tattoos

Luke Stewart. @lukeseventhson

Are you a fan of sleeveless shirts? Beaches? And other types of clothing/weather/event happenstances that cause you to walk around in public showing your shoulders off? Then these tattoos might give you a few good ideas for your next tattoo. The shoulders are a unique area that give you a natural curve of your body with which to work your design around. Just check out how these amazing shoulder tattoos show off their wearer’s natural figure! Are you sold yet? No? Well that’s okay. You still good to see an amazing shoulder tattoo gallery anyway.  Read More »

Badass Cover Up Tattoos

Fahrettin Demir @fahrettin.demir

We all make mistakes. Sometimes things happen to us outside our realm of control, sometimes we’re just young and dumb. What matters is what we do after those mistakes are made. Do you wallow in self-loathing or pick yourself up by your boot straps and make things right? These people decided to do something about their mistakes. Tired of their poor tattoos, they decided to transform their shameful designs into something much more badass than ever before. The people featured in this gallery prove that you’re not permanently stuck with tattoos you don’t want. At any point in time you can transform horrifically bad tattoos, like the ones found in our recent bad tattoos gallery, into some of the most badass tattoos anyone has ever seen. Covering up a bad tattoo can actually be a fun pastime for some artists. The challenge of taking something that’s already been done and turning it into something better, proving themselves the superior artist, excites many artists – especially the ones who grew up playing Morph as kids. What’s Morph? Morph is an art game where one person draws an image and then another changes the image into something else. This goes on until someone runs out of ideas or draws something that was drawn before. The game goes by many names but it’s essentially practice for the type of tattoos you’ll see in the gallery below. Got a bad tattoo and want some ideas for a nice cover up? Hopefully this gallery will ...Read More »

Celebrating Transitions with Premium Tattoo Ideas


A person’s tattoo is a representation of their personality, beliefs, and values. As people evolve and transition into a better version of their former selves, a suitable tattoo must be inked accordingly. In order to get a tattoo that is truly unique and states your individuality, let go of all the notions you’ve formed regarding body art. In order to get the right tattoo, lock into the inspiration that’s driving you through life. Whether you wish to mark an achievement, a major event in your life, or honor a close friend or family member, the sentimental value behind a tattoo is what makes it meaningful to you. There can be multiple things going on in your mind that may require careful consideration. Should you feel even the slightest hesitation in your decision, think again. Your commitment to this decision should come before everything else. While many things can be done if you aren’t as thrilled about a tattoo when you first get it, such as cover up tats or laser removal, one should never enter a studio with short-lived or questionable tattoo ideas. While some tattoos do represent current trends and fashion statements, from music to sports teams, you should think long and hard about what speaks and resonates with you because fashion and trends have a habit of dying out. Here are a few things you should take into consideration before locking in your decision to get a tattoo. Your Personality A lot of people often opt to get tattoos ...Read More »

Exceptional Leg Sleeves Part One


The legs are a great space to tattoo large scale images on, it is valuable real estate that can handle a lot of intricate work. These leg sleeves are quite exceptional, don’t you agree?        *To see MORE and learn about some of the MOST AMAZING tattoo artists of our age, check out these deals from Tattoo Artist Magazine! There’s a reason tattooers themselves consider TAM the most informative and important tattoo magazine ever —   *Be sure to check out the digital issues of Tattoo Artist Magazine ON SALE NOW– JUST $2.99 – $7.99. TAM DIGITAL ISSUES And look at our $.99 collection of  TAM VIDEO Downloads available now! Either way, See the BEST TATTOOS from the BEST ARTISTS in the world. Add to your collection today!Read More »

12 Of The Most Inappropriate Tattoos – These Tattoos are Obviously NSFW

Inappropriate tattoos are often misspelled tattoos, tattoo fails, ugly tattoos or stupid tattoos, but these you will surely agree are just WRONG on so many levels.    Read More »

15 Crazy Piercings You Can’t Un-See


We’re not going to pretend to understand why the people featured in the gallery below chose to get the odd piercings they have, but we’re also not one to judge. We here at TAM believe everyone has a right to do whatever they want with their body in order to realize their ideal outward appearance. And we also believe that we have every right to be astounded and confused at their decisions. Some of the piercings featured in this gallery seem outright dangerous. Wouldn’t having spikes sticking out of your gums constantly leave your lips bleeding? Wouldn’t having bars in front of your eyes impair your vision? The ankle bolt in one of the pictures looks like it goes straight through bone! On the other hand, who doesn’t want to be Wolverine? Even with these piercings have to admit they’re abnormal. Someone could live their entire life without ever even knowing such piercings were even possible. But now, thanks to the internet, you don’t have to wait on happenstance to see the odd and unthinkable. We’re here to bring you all the strange you can take! (Wait, that came out wrong.) Anyway, consider this your warning. What you’re about to see is impossible to un-see. You will forever be burdened with the knowledge that piercings like these exist in the world. It’ll skew your “Wow” meter. Some of things you once though strange and odd will now appear mundane by comparison. Seriously, looking at this gallery could drastically affect your ...Read More »

Some of the OG’s of the Tattoo Industry and Artists Who Have Shaped the Industry


Bob Tyrell is an American Tattoo Artist based in Warren, Michigan. He was born in Detroit and began tattooing in his early 30’s. He is most known for his black and grey work in hyperrealism and Rock and Roll subject matter. He tattooed Kid Rock’s back and boasts a 8 month long waiting list.. He has been featured in LA Ink and London Ink.Read More »

There’s a Story In These Eyes- The Most Realistic Eye Tattoos

alexy moroz

They say the windows are the eyes to the soul, well these surely do bore straight through to ours.  These are some of the most realistic eyeball tattoos around.    Read More »

The Weird Beautiful World of Normal Carrey


Kaiyu Huang a.k.a. Normal Carrey, who was born in Shanghai creates some pretty amazing esoteric artwork that are stunning tattoos.  He currently lives and works in New York City, and is a student at Parsons the New School.  Normal started tattooing in 2013 and oddly enough had no tattoos himself when he started.  His unique brand of asthetic tattoo art features statuesque portraits and is comprised of geometric elements.  Normal is slowly but surely creating a name for himself with his unique designs that truly are a departure from the tattoo norm. We think they are amazing and would love to hear your thoughts!  Read More »

I Love Rock & Roll – 15 Music Tattoos that Rock

Screen shot 2016-04-06 at 12.28.55 PM

I love rock and roll, So put another dime in the jukebox, baby I love rock n’ roll So come an’ take your TAM and Tattoo Me.    Read More »