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Pooch: Tattooing Outside The Box (That I Have Built Around Myself)

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By Michael Pucciarelli¬† FOLLOW POOCH on IG I have recently been trying to make the transition into doing more japanese and traditional tattoos, my biggest obstacle I have found was self-made. Being known for a specific style can be constrictive, but really most people just want an awesome tattoo, so with that in mind I have started to approach tattoos in a different way…Read More »

Chet Zar: Second Skin Group Show July 14th at Copro Gallery


By Chet Zar I only discovered the tattoo community about 3 years ago when I was invited by tattoo artist Jon Lane to paint live at 2009’s Visionary Tattoo Art Festival. I was impressed from the start. Not only were these artists creating truly cutting edge art work on skin (conceptually, tattooing blows every other artistic statement out of the water, in my opinion),they were also painting as good as or better than a lot of well known contemporary painters I’ve seen. I was truly blown away at the variety of styles, techniques and ideas and wondered why I wasn’t seeing a lot of this stuff at the galleries I was showing at and going to, especially when a lot of the artists were expressing interest in showing at these galleries…Read More »