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Red Fang Whales and Leeches – Available Now!


Purchase the new album from the following locations: Relapse / iTunes / Amazon / Bandcamp / FYE / Best Buy / Buy at a Local Record Store Streaming: Bandcamp / Spotify / RdioRead More »

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery

photo (1)

Tattoos by Greg Whitehead Portland, ORRead More »

*New* Photos Added To The Gallery


Tattoos and Painting by Joe Larralde Portland, ORRead More »

*New* Pictures Added To The TAM Gallery

Tattoos by Ross Carlson Portland, OR   Read More »

Ms. Mikki Talks About the Dalai Lama’s Visit and Tibetan Buddhism in Oregon


By Cornelius Swart (Story originally appears at The Dalai Lama will show off his science side when he visits Portland this week for an environmental summit. The spiritual leader of Tibetans in exile and a widely revered advocate of compassion and peace, he is coming at the invitation of Maitripa College, a graduate school of Tibetan Buddhism in Southeast Portland…Read More »

Dan Gilsdorf “Sentences” Art Show


By Dan Gilsdorf A few months back I told Crash that I was having a solo show at a gallery in Portland, Oregon and he thought it would be a good idea to put together an announcement for the TAM website. I dragged my feet on it, thinking that the exhibition didn’t have anything to do with tattoos and might not be the kind of thing that many tattooers would be into. But in the end he convinced me, so at the risk of boring his readership… Read More »

Joe Larralde: Polynesian Tattooing in the Pacific Northwest

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 5.22.02 PM

By Joe Larralde Polynesian tattooing is alive and well here in the Pacific Northwest. Washington and Oregon have long been a hub for Hawaiian and other people of Pacific-island descent. Portland in particular has a large and ever growing population, and fortunately for me they are seeking out their roots when choosing their tattoos…Read More »

Portland Tattoo Expo, On the Road in Oregon


By Nicki Kasper I was looking forward to the Portland Tattoo Expo knowing that I had several friends working it and fun and debauchery would ensue. The fact that Portland is just a short drive from where I live was an awesome added bonus…Read More »

Oregon Inkshow, On the Road in Eugene


By Nicki Kasper My weekend started with Damon Conklin’s solo gallery show down in Grants Pass at Gogué Art on Friday night.  I had to miss the first day of the Eugene convention, but I was committed to the gallery show, and had been working on support products for it for months…Read More »

Artist Profile: Dan Gilsdorf (VIDEO)


Dan Gilsdorf has been tattooing since October of 1992, learning the trade in Boulder, Colorado alongside Rocky Acosta and Lance Talon. After a few rewarding years working in that town at Bolder Ink and receiving a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Colorado, Dan accompanied Jerry and Jennifer to Portland in 1998 in order to open Atlas. [Video and pictures on expanded page]Read More »

Dan Gilsdorf Tattoo Artist Magazine Article Preview for Issue #25


Dan Gilsdorf: To me, it’s apples and oranges. Tattooing is very much tied up in the idea of technical skill, so whether I want to do a tattoo that has kind of a raw look to it, I need that raw look to be intentional. I need it to be something that I am able to achieve because I have a certain dexterity that I’ve built up over the years. I need to have control over the medium so that I can make it look the way that I want it to. But that’s a technical skill.Read More »

Dan Sinnes Article Preview for Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #24


Wido de Marval: So you spent some time in Barcelona.  Do you remember where you went? For different guest spots? You went to The States? Dan Sinnes: Yeah, but I still stayed in Luxembourg a lot. Because I still had a girlfriend at the time, and two dogs. But when I had the opportunity to do guest spots, I’d do it. After I had my break-up and I was by myself, I put it to the max and I went to the United States and traveled as much as I could, alone.Read More »

New Scott Harrison (Welt) Painting!


“it is because our souls lack enterprise” 11″ x 14″ $400Read More »