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Illustrated Monthly, Reference Material and Beyond

(Courtesy of If you’re looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, check the resources available at Illustrated Monthly — a one-stop shop for artist reference material. The materials are packaged as virtual sketchbooks, available for download in medium and high-resolution. The e-books are organized by different themes, like lettering, flowers and foliage, pulp imagery and more. Most downloads go for about $2.99 for medium resolution…  Read More »

Nick Baxter: Photo/Digital Manipulation

By Nick Baxter  I’ve always been just as in love with photography as I am with painting. Because I paint in a highly realistic style, they’re two disciplines that go hand in hand in supporting my overall aesthetic and conceptual goals. Photography is arguably the most convincing lie of the visual arts. It intersects with cultural conditioning and social norms in a way that I find intriguing and inspiring. What I mean is, as 20th and 21st Century human beings, we’ve been more or less culturally and socially trained to accept the photograph as a factual–even scientific–representation of physical reality, due to its ubiquitous use and massive omnipresence throughout our entire lives. This belief, which can approach the level of faith, presents an irresistible opportunity for manipulation of perception by illusionists and countercultural provocateurs such as myself…  Read More »

Nick Baxter: Shapeshifting

By Nick Baxter  Or, The Transmutation of Artistic Critique. While reading Becoming Animal, a beautiful treatise on the sensual interaction between humans and the perceptual world around us written by David Abram, I came across a startling bit of truth that resonated with my visual artist’s mindset…  Read More »

Nick Baxter: Realism Techniques Part I

By Nick Baxter  This is the start of an occasional ongoing series on this blog where I’ll be discussing the process and techniques of sharp-focus realism oil painting. Here’s the evolution of the painting I began at my parents’ house during a recent visit. The phases of development you see here represent approximate divisions into layers, i.e. major progress stages of the painting (click on the image below to make it larger). In actuality, there were a few more partial layers and back-and-forth adjustments made to various areas of the piece which are not shown here, as they didn’t constitute major turning points…  Read More »

Nick Baxter: Live Without Dead Time!

By Nick Baxter  “Live without dead time!” One of the slogans, courtesy of the Situationists, that I try to live by. To me it means making productive, efficient, and enjoyable use of one’s short time on this earth. I find it easy to embody this ethic at home in the familiar environment of the studio, where steady progress is made on paintings and other projects. But it can be tough to halt progress and pull away in order to travel, and even tougher to get back into that same productive, creative sweet spot after returning… Read More »

Nick Baxter: Then, And Now

By Nick Baxter  The dawning of 2012 brought me to my parents’ house, an eclectic vortex of saved childhood possessions and weird emotional frequencies densely packed into a many-acred patch of wilderness falling off the eastern edge of the North American continent…  Read More »