A new tool for life after a mastectomy. Breast cancer survivors are often told they have two options following a mastectomy: reconstruction or not. Most of the time, neither option can conceal the scars that often mark the experience. That’s why we at created the Inkspiration app by —

Beauty After Surgery: Some women opt for tattoos after mastectomy

By Deborah Bach Reblogged from: Even before her mastectomy, Inga Duncan Thornell knew she didn’t want to have her breasts reconstructed. She didn’t want to go through more surgery and didn’t like the idea of implants. So when her husband brought home a book showing a woman with a rose tattoo on her

Beautiful Mastectomy Scar Tattoo

By Marisa Kakoulas Reblogged from: Tattooing's transformative magic is none more evident than on the fierce women whose battle scars with cancer are morphed into beautiful works of art.  We've gotten many messages since our P.Ink Day post, in which we wrote about how the P.Ink or Personal Ink Project brought ten tattooists and