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This is Why You Should NOT Trust Scratchers!


Scratchers, in tattooing terms, is an untrained tattoo artist who tattoos outside of a studio utilizing any equipment he/she can get their hands on. Generally speaking, nowadays scratchers are people who think tattooing is simply taking a tattoo gun and sketching – or “scratching” – a design onto someone’s skin. They get people by having their friends and family talk them up to others and by offering tattoos for a fraction of a professional’s price. While a lot of historically well-known tattoo artists back-in-the-day got their starts as scratchers, it’s not a common way into the industry today. Most budding tattoo artists start as studio apprentices and learn their craft from other professionals. Take this tattoo gallery as a warning sign and avoid scratchers at all costs. You don’t want to end up with a shitty tattoo like one of these on your body, messing up your skin for a quick buck.Read More »

Free & cheap tattoos! What were they thinking?

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 9.25.01 AM

These people clearly had no interest in getting a professional, well-done tattoo, opting instead for cheap alternatives. As the saying goes – You get what you pay for. At least they can still serve as warnings to others! And give us all a laugh in the meantime. What can they possibly do now?  — Here’s the lesson: Get GOOD TATTOOS folks. Save your money. Do your research. Find a qualified artist at the best shop in your area. You won’t regret it! If all you think you care about is price, look closely at these tattoos below, and check out this article —       Want to see some GOOD  tattoos? 25 Ways the Force is With You Romantic Couples Tattoos Blackworkers_Tattoo Group Presents: Black Ink Tattoos from around the globeRead More »

Inside the Mind of a Tattoo Apprentice

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Every artist starts somewhere and these days, IF you want to be a legitimate and respected practitioner in the field, that means earning your right to a tattoo machine through a tattoo apprenticeship.  For every apprentice out there trying to do it the right way, there are hoards of unethical & untrained hacks more interested in short cuts then they are in getting better, (or in the best interests of those they are scratching up, generally speaking.) You see, tattooing didn’t start with reality television. It’s a time-honored tradition. The art & craft of tattooing is something that has been passed down for hundreds of years from trained masters to eager young artists who can show they have what it takes to make an actual contribution to the industry.  For the professional tattoo artist, finding someone who brings this sort of grit and potentially something new to tattooing can be extremely exciting, as every great artist once began at the bottom of the tattoo totem pole. That being said, Ana Nasuro of House of Color Tattoo in Bay Shore, New York, is here to share her voice on the life of an aspiring tattoo artist. “I knew that I wanted to tattoo since I was in high school. It was something I had always loved and been fascinated by. But it wasn’t until I got my first tattoo at 16 that I decided that it was what to do for the rest of my life!”  Like many artists in the industry, ...Read More »