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Confessions of a Tattoo Artist: Part 3

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Confessions of a Tattoo Artist: Part 2

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Confessions of a Tattoo Artist: Part 1

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Foremothers of the Tattoo Trade: Legendary Female Tattooers


By Valerie Farabee These are the ladies who sometimes fell into it, and sometimes fought their way in, kicking, screaming, punching and biting – it’s hard to be a lady in a man’s world!  These women were tattooing before we were born, a few even before our parents and grandparents were born.  Many started as circus freaks in sideshows.  Others after being introduced to the trade by a boyfriend or husband.  Any way you take it, these women blazed a trail for women tattooists to follow into the 20th century and beyond, to today’s troops of female artists. It’s time to pay tribute to some of these often looked-over lady pioneers… Read More »

Michael “Pogo” Kortez


Story and photos by Marco Annunziata Jonathan Shaw couldn’t have use better words to introduce Pogo: “Michael was born in a circus tent on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico. The bastard offspring of an itinerant Chicharon farmer and a mentally challenged Tattooed Lady, young Pogo became intrigued with the art of tattooing from an early age. After seeing two pigs copulating behind an abandoned brassiere factory, his first tattoo, inspired by that memorable event, was a surprisingly realistic rendition of a pair of naughty porkers, encircled by a banner reading, MAKIN’ BACON… Read More »