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It’s Finally Shark Week


Remember when we talked about Shark Week last week? Well it’s finally here! Shark Week is in full swing and we found another gallery of shark tattoos that are too awesome not to show off. We’re sure you’ll love these shark tattoos as much as we do. Please keep in mind that sharks are not the human serial killers so many people believe they are, but because of that perception they’ve been hunted to levels of species endangerment. That’s the whole point of Shark Week, spreading the word about the reality of sharks and their existence on our earth. Jaws is a fictional film people.Read More »

Shark Week is Coming! Are You Ready?


Did you know Shark Week is turning 28-years-old next week? It was started as a week-long programming block for the Discovery Channel created by Tom Golden and on July 17th, 1988 and has reoccurred every year since. It kicks off next Sunday, on June 26th, and is why we’re giving you a shark-focused tattoo gallery. The original goal of Shark Week was to correct common misconceptions people had about sharks and increase public awareness of shark-focused conservation efforts. However, the programming became so popular that it’s taken on a persona of its own and is now more about increasing Discovery Channel’s ratings than anything else. The truth is that sharks aren’t the oceanic monsters people make them out to be, and that they’ve been hunted and killed by the millions largely due to their monstrous appearance than anything else.  Read More »

Lighthouse Supply, Swimming with the Sharks


By Waldo Del Rocca A couple of months ago I was speaking Seth (Ciferri) who put me in contact with Crash, I really wanted to get Tattoo Artist Magazine available here to South Africa  for the sheer quality of the publication and the content. Funny enough, couple of weeks later Kent contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reselling TAM through Lighthouse Supply. I jumped straight on it and we worked something out and got the magazines down here. If that wasn’t rad enough, couple of weeks ago I got a e-mail from Kent asking if I wanted to write for TAM’s blog, I started laughing and honestly thought he was just messing with me…Read More »