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Sierra Colt: Ink Fusion

inkfusionartistsandcustomersphotobybearcattattoogalleryBy Sierra Colt
Four motivated artists, four trusting clients, and a little favor from the tattoo gods. Ink Fusion is a new creation from Bearcat Tattoo Gallery in San Diego, CA. The idea is to take four willing clients and four artists all trusting of each other and do four separate collaboration pieces all at the same time…  (more…)

Seattle Tattoo Expo: On the Road in Washington

By Nicki Kasper
My trip to Seattle started a little rough… I was trying to get to my hotel to pick up all my boxes and drop them off at the venue before they closed at 7 p.m. but apparently there are two Roy Streets in Seattle, and my navigation system had other plans for me. After I got all the boxes loaded into my car, I made my way to Super Genius for Damon Conklin’s pre-funk party…