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Dick Blick Will Pull Skin Candy Tattoo Ink Off Shelves

By John Dick Blick Art Materials announced on March 31, 2012 that they would no longer carry Skin Candy tattoo ink on the store’s website. In a statement posted on the company’s Facebook page Blick spokespeople said, “These inks will remain part of a short-run promotion in our retail stores that will end in May.” The announcement comes on the heels of an immediate uproar collectively expressed within the tattoo community at large when Blick began carrying Skin Candy over a month ago. However, the statement does raise concerns about whether or not Blick will continue selling the tattoo ink in their retail outlets after May and what exactly is Blick’s, “…customer registration process designed to prevent customers, especially minors, from purchasing the products inappropriately.” Click this link to read full statement: (Full statement also on expended page.) Read More »