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Superb Super Bowl Tattoos

Brandon Huckabey

Each year the Super Bowl marks a momentous occasion that kicks off the New Year with its first major televised event. Even people who aren’t American Football fans tune in to see the lavish halftime festivities and the famed Super Bowl commercials that cost companies millions of dollars. This year was Superbowl L, aka 50, which marked the fiftieth year of the premiere NFL Championship game. On Sunday night, February 7th, the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Denver Broncos faced the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Carolina Panthers in an American Football game that would decide the National Football League’s reigning #1 champion for the next year. The game was broadcast on CBS in the U.S. and featured a halftime show headlined by Coldplay with special guests Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, both of which had been massive hits in past Super Bowl halftime shows. American Football fans immensely passionate about their favorite teams, making it a fairly common sight for many to sport tattoos of their team’s mascot or logo. In honor of Super Bowl 50, we’ve put together a tattoo gallery that showcases some of the commemorative tattoos fans got for this year’s championship game, and even threw in a couple throwback tattoos from previous Super Bowls too. Super Bowl 50 turned out to be the third most-watched television program in history, amassing 111.9 million viewers. The average cost for a 30-second commercial during the game was around $5 million dollars. In case you missed the game, the Denver ...Read More »

Phil Anselmo from Pantera Talks About Tattoos and Football


By Rose Riot Philip Anselmo is best know as a front man for the bands Pantera, Down and Superjoint Ritual. His reputation for having a larger than life personality did not fail to live up to itself when I recently interviewed him. Anselmo is currently on tour playing guitar with the band Arson Anthem. The Arson Anthem tour is also showcasing the talents of the bands Harp and Warbeast. All bands on the tour are on the label started by Anselmo, Housecore Records. I recommend all of them if you want a dose of good, old, face-rocking metal and punk rock.Read More »