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JoJo Ackermann Interview (VIDEO)

[youtube]Video by Luke Holley Read More »

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Tattoos By Christina Hock Dolorosa Tattoo Studio City, CA TAM Blog 2013 Picture Gallery Read More »

Crystal Morey: Horibenny (Part I)

By Crystal Morey Horibenny is one of my favorite monsters. Odder than bacon with legs, he oozes with creative zealotry and possesses an indiscriminate passion for life that is contagious. Benny is one of the first round-eyes to be given and to complete a formal tattoo apprenticeship here in Japan, and by this I mean, he cooked, fetched and lived for his sempai for over four years… A far cry from the ‘two week a year drop in to study and pay money’ apprenticeship awarded to many gaijin deshi these days. Benny is an accomplished painter, his tattoo work is delicate yet powerful, it often embodies the Japanese tenet that less is more, and his earnest demeanor only lends to his accomplishments as an artists. Ever the student, Ben works his ass of on a daily basis to learn more and push himself further and I’ve had the pleasure of watching him make significant artistic advancements over the past few years. He is not unlike one of those wind-up toys you point and they take off pointedly in one direction… only Ben’s nose is pointed at the moon and with his passion it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he got there… Read More »

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Tattoos By Kyle Olson Good Times Tattoo SLC, UT TAM Blog 2013 Picture Gallery Read More »

Victor Farinelli: Best Ink Season II (Episode 7)

By Victor Farinelli  This is not gonna be a long post because, frankly, this show is just becoming sad… Just sad. I thought this show would give me some great ammunition to vent the fury in my head. But alas, no. I have to take that out on my last place Brewers who, as I write this, beat the first place Cards. So I can’t even take it out on them. Fuck! I guess there are always the Astros…  Read More »

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Tattoos By Guy Ursitti Thicker Than Water Tattoo New York, NY TAM Blog 2013 Picture Gallery Read More »

Richard Stell Benefit

Hello my name is Jason Freeman, I’m trying to organize an event for the Stell’s. As you may know Richard recently suffered a heart attack and has been diagnosed with heart disease. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for them as they are in the middle of opening their new shop Pair-O-Dice in Oklahoma. This event will be held June 15th, 2013. I’m asking everyone to work a normal day on the 15th, and send those profits from that one day’s work as a donation to the Stell’s via PayPal. The donation PayPal is: This way the donations will go directly to the Stell’s and I’m not the middle man or handling money. I know this may be rough for some to donate an entire day’s earnings, if you can’t do 100 percent then donate what you feel comfortable with. I will be making a poster for the event to be displayed on your Facebook and you can take that file from facebook and have it printed at your local copy place. It will be 11×17 standard size. Please contact me via text or phone call to get on the list as a participating tattooer or shop. Anyone that is willing to participate please forward my information to other tattooers and shops who you think would be interested in participating… Thank you and don’t forget to contact me: Jason Freeman Triumph Tattoo 241 West Second Street Reno, NV 89501 (775) 232-4484…  Read More »

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Tattoos By Miss Arianna Skinwear Tattoo Rimini, Italy TAM Blog 2013 Picture Gallery Read More »

Lindsey Carmichael Article Preview for Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #34

Interview by Tim Hendricks Tim Hendricks: Do you plan on ever mellowing out with the traveling or do you want to keep going? Lindsey Carmichael: I love it. I have to backtrack a tiny bit and say that I was at Gold Rush when these changes came about in my life, right after I turned 40. I was kind of feeling closed off and slightly alone in my life…  Read More »

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Tattoos By Justin Shaw Faith Tattoo Santa Rosa, CA     TAM Blog 2013 Picture Gallery Read More »

Victor Farinelli: Best Ink Season II (Episode 6)

By Victor Farinelli  Let me start by reminding y’all that the views expressed in these here ramblings are my own and do not represent the views of TAM. With that out of the way, I wanted to touch on some action going on at the TAM Facebook page. There have been some posts that have criticized TAM for allowing me to even acknowledge that Best Ink, and other tattoo shows, even exist… One: See the first sentence. Two: Face it folks; ever since MTV’s The Real World (maybe even The Dating Game), TV has become one “reality” show after another. COPS, Survivor, Idol, Top Chef; the list goes on and on. Tattoo shows are no different. I don’t think they are going to go away anytime soon, either. Look at how many seasons American Chopper has been on. Those goofballs still get huge ratings. True “outlaw bikers” probably hate that show, just like many passionate tattoo artists hate tattoo shows…  Read More »

Steven Burlton Article Preview for Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #34

Interview by Dan Sinnes Dan Sinnes: What do you think about the new generation of tattooers? Like people who tattoo for three years and are amazing tattooers? Steven Burlton: It’s just like we were talking about. They’re well on their way. Of course it’s way easier to get into it and the facets are all open now. There’s no limit to what you can get a hold of, as far as reference materials and supplies and stuff like that…  Read More »

Dave Shore Dragon Art Tribute and Auction

By Dave Allen Dave Shore passed away suddenly this year, the very day his shop was scheduled to close. He worked almost daily right up to the end. It is his legacy that we wish to honor! A character of mythical proportions… Stories of his days in Texas, Hawaii and Europe are from an era in tattooing few of us got to witness. Dave worked under the banner of such great tattooists as Mike Malone, Zeke Owens and Henk (Hanky Panky) Schiffmacher and alongside Ed Hardy, Horiyoshi, Luke Atkinson, Corey Miller, Paul Jefferies and many more. Dave was bigger than life and left a great impression wherever he went… Read More »

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Tattoos By Justin Warn Torch Tattoo Anaheim, CA      TAM Blog 2013 Picture Gallery Read More »

Japanese tattoos from Belgium’s great! The Hori Tsuki Kage Article

Interview by Brian Kaneko Brian Kaneko: So you do all Japanese tattoo art on people, but what others aspects of that culture do you use in tattooing? For example, how your studio is set up, how you interact with clients, etc. Also, what is your approach to a new client who will be starting a large piece with you? Shad: My studio is a private studio by appointment only. First, the customer contacts me by e-mail, which is the easiest way to get in touch with me. We can talk about the design… Read More »