Artist Spotlight – Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson @robrichtattoo U.K. Known primarily for his portrait realism and surrealism work, Rob Richardson is a master black ink tattoo artist. After looking through the gallery below we think you’ll agree he doesn’t need color to bring his designs to life. Richardson’s mastery over the fundamentals of tattooing allows him to

Entrancing Hannya Tattoos

The Hannya is a mask used in Noh theater, which is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th Century. The mask represents a jealous female serpent and is most commonly featured with two sharp bull horns, a leering mouth and metallic eyes. It’s

Artist Spotlight – Dan Pemble

  Dan Pemble is the owner of Sacred Tattoo Studio who’s been drawing tattoo designs since he was 17 and has a deep love of tattooing and tattoo culture. The shop is located in Marquette, MI and instantly screams quality the second you walk into the work, which is exactly what

Stunning Symbolic Peacock Tattoos

The peacock has been a prized creature due to its majestic appearance and scarcity for centuries. Historically, the peacock has always stood as a symbol of nobility for its regal outward appearance and watchfulness for the eye-like designs on its feathers that it uses to trick predators into thinking it’s

Badass Ice Cold Drink Tattoos!

You might want to go get a jacket and a drink, because this gallery is sure to get you a bit chilled and thirsty at the same time. It’s all about tattoos featuring ice cold beverages, many of which include some of the most recognizable brand names on the planet. These

20 Incredible Full Back Tattoos

Full back tattoos never cease to amaze us – as you may have noticed from our three other full back tattoo galleries found here, here and here. They give so much room for creativity and no two full back tattoos are ever alike. These tattoos require so much time, patience

Most Amazing Eye Tattoos

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s the case then the people in these galleries just opened a few extra windows. This gallery is focused on eye tattoos – not tattoos that people get in their eyes, that’s something different entirely. The human eye has been

Artist Spotlight – AD Pancho

AD Pancho (Alex Pancho) @ad_pancho While most insanely talented tattoo artists are able to create designs of any and every style, many tend to become well-known for one or two particular forms and become the go-to artist for said style. However, AD Pancho is a bit of an oddity because he

Incredible Lion Tattoos

The lion, aka the “King of the Jungle”, is the second-largest living cat after the tiger – which you can see a gallery for by clicking here. When most people think of lions they envision the power male lion with its large bushy mane, but female lions look more panther-like

Totally Sick Full Leg Sleeves

Well, we just showed off a full arm sleeves tattoo gallery so let’s look at the other appendages – the legs! Full leg sleeve tattoos aren’t quiet as common as full arm sleeves but they’re certainly no less impressive. In fact, the leg tends to give artists more room to

WTF Tattoo Fails

As much as we dislike showing off the seedier side of tattoo culture, whenever we post bad tattoo galleries you guys seem to lap them up with wild abandon. Even after we made an entire gallery and article asking people to stop getting bad tattoos – which you can find

Badass Full Sleeve Tattoos

Full sleeve tattoos are so cool that people have made a living selling fake sleeve tattoos other people wear to make it look like they have full sleeves! But there’s nothing fake about these amazing full sleeve tats. These are some of the most badass full sleeve tattoos we’ve ever

10 Best Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are one of the most commonly requested designs in the industry. Flowers can represent so much and there are so many different species that they make great subjects for unique and beautiful tattoos. If you’re looking for a flower tattoo of your own but can’t make up your

Artist Spotlight – Andy Walker

Andy Walker is a phenomenal tattoo artist in the UK who works at creative VANDALS and specializes in new school tattoos often featuring favorite fictional characters from various pop culture outlets. His designs are often colorfully bright and feature a lot of personality to go along with the subject of