Can you Endure and Survive?

If you enjoyed our last two video game galleries, the ones focused on the Fallout and Witcher franchises, then you’ll probably enjoy this post just as much. If not, well, you were warned these galleries might become regular occurrence in the Witcher post and they’re great tattoos regardless of your

Artist Spotlight – Myles Vear

Myles Vear is a highly talented tattoo artist who works out of Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour in London. He specializes in his own unique spin of neo-traditional tattoos that add a hint of new school to the designs to make them a nice blend of both worlds, taking everything

Artist Spotlight – Max Celli

Max Celli is an Italian tattoos artist who specializes in neo-traditional tattoos. He uses new age techniques and inks to give traditional tattoo design styles a fresh new look, bringing them into the 21st century with style and a level of quality that so few tattoos had back in the

Olympic Athletes with their Badass Tattoos!

One of the last Olympic galleries we showed off was a collection of Olympic athletes who had gotten tattoos in honor of the Olympic Games. We spoke about how it was a momentous occasion for those individuals and just made sense. But in looking back over the post, we see

Badass Witcher Tattoos

FAIR WARNING: One of the people who helps TAM put together these galleries is an avid gamer and is bringing you the gallery below. The rest of this post will be about the game. If you don’t care to know what The Witcher is, just skip to the gallery. The Witcher

Tattooed Olympic Athletes

If you’ve ever watched the Olympic Games for ten minutes then you’ve probably seen one of the somber tales of an Olympic athlete’s road to the Olympics. To be fair, it’s always the same thing. They worked really hard, were told in some way or another that they weren’t going

Artist Spotlight – Milker Cordova

Milker Cordova is a highly talented Venezuelan tattoo artist who works out of Elite Tattoo Studio in Caracas, Venezuela. He specializes in realism tattoos but isn’t a stranger to most abstract or cartoony work either. He’s able to bring any crazy idea you have to life and make it look

Awesome Torch Tattoos

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are being held right now, as this is being written, which means the torch relay has been achieved and the Olympic fire has been lit. While the Olympic flame has always been a symbol of the Games since ancient times, the torch and torch relay

Does It Get Any Stranger Than This?!

Working within the tattoo and body modification industry for years, we’ve all seen a lot of strange things over the years. Which is why we have to ask if it gets any stranger than what you’ll see in the galleries below. Granted, we’re sure many people will think, “Oh course there

Why You Shouldn’t Let Scratchers Tattoo You

Your friend has a tattoo gun and is looking for people to practice on? He/she can draw really well so you’re sure it’ll come out fine?! We’d like to think the people below had a conversation that included someone else asking those questions in an incredulous fashion, but the truth is

Artist Spotlight – Koray Karagözler

Koray Karagözler is a professional tattoo artist who specializes in watercolor tattoos. He works out of Turkey and imbues each tattoo design he works on with so much color and energy that we’re sure everyone checking out the gallery of his work below will be incredibly impressed. He doesn’t just create

Old Russian Prison Tattoos

Tattoos have been a part of prison culture for just about as long as modern tattooing has been around. It’s largely where tattoos got their bad reputation, with many people correlating tattoos with convicted criminals. We don’t want to perpetuate any stereotypes, but it’d be wrong not to acknowledge tattooing’s heritage

What are Stick and Poke Tattoos?

Stick and poke tattoos are essentially jail tattoos. They’re unregulated tattoos people apply to each other by using any needle-like tool they can get their hands to stick and poke ink into someone else’s skin. That’s why most stick and poke tattoos look like shit. They’re crafted by people who have

Artist Spotlight – Soma Zöld

Soma Zöld has been drawing and painting his entire life, and was even taught by the Hungarian painter Mihály Bakonyi in his youth. By the end of high school Soma began taking a serious interest in tattooing and found himself working at Stinger’s Tattoo in Budapest shortly after finishing school.

When Tattooing Goes Horribly Wrong!

Tattoos can go horribly wrong is a variety of ways, from misspelled words to design confusion. Unfortunately, tattoo guns don’t come with erasers. Mistakes often aren’t easy or simple to fix. You either have to go over the mistake again and hide it within the design or potentially be left