Artist Spotlight – Valerio Cancellier

Valerio Cancellier is a full service body modification artist. He offers clients tattoos and piercings, giving them the outward appearance they desire all from one talented individual. He’s made a name for himself in the tattoo community by creating his own sort of blackout style. For those who don’t know, blackout

Artist Spotlight – Russ Abbott

Russ Abbott is an American born and bred tattoo artist who has been tattooing since 1997. He’s the owner of Ink & Dagger, the tattoo studio that he opened in 2007, and has been working out of his own studio ever since. Abbott specializes in a variety of styles that includes

Artist Spotlight – Matthew James

Matthew James is one of those artists who prefers people focus on his art more than himself. All it says on his portfolio site’s About page is “Matthew James artistry and tattoo art from Bristol, England.” Clearly he’s the type of artist who prefers to let his art do the

Artist Spotlight – David Nash

As you’ll see in the gallery below, David Nash specializes in his own unique form of portrait realism that adds so much detail and background to the subject that calling it portrait realism just feels wrong. He mostly works with black-and-grey tattoos but is just as masterful with colored ink. Nash

Artist Spotlight – Marco Galdo

Marco Galdo is a highly talented tattoo artist who works out of Milan, Italy. He specializes in geometric, tribal and dotwork tattoos, often implementing a sort of floral design with the patterns he dreams up on a laptop. While many tattoo artists tend to get their tribal and geometric designs second

Artist Spotlight – Jeffrey Scott

Jeffrey Scott (or Jeffy Scott, as it says on Lucky Bird Tattoo’s website) moved all the way from Coral Springs, Florida to tattoo at Lucky Bird Tattoo in Annapolis, Maryland. He’d dreamt about being a tattoo artist ever since he was 10-years-old and apprenticed under Chris Blinston. Scott specializes in a

Artist Spotlight – Hailey Slade

Hailey Slade began her apprenticeship at Tattoo Magic in Weymouth back in 2003 while simultaneously working on her A-Levels at Weymouth College. After finishing up her apprenticeship she started her professional tattoo career at Urban Image Tattoo Studio in Bournemouth before finding her way back to Weymouth, where she currently

Artist Spotlight – Slawek Sadowski Slav

Slawek Sadowski Slav is a portrait realism tattoo artist who’s primarily known for his tattoos of fictional people and objects. He primarily works with black-and-grey ink but is equally talented with colors and knows how to use just the lightest splash of color in a design and make it just

Artist Spotlight – Matteo Nangeroni

If Matteo Nangeroni’s work, featured in the gallery below, seems both beautiful and strange at the same time to you – don’t worry. That’s how just about everyone feels the first time they’re introduced to this amazingly talented tattoo artist’s style. Matteo Nangeroni’s particular style is difficult to pin down because

Artist Spotlight – Magdalena Pliszka

Magdalena Pliszka is a Polish tattoo artist who, compared to many of the artists we regularly feature, hasn’t been tattooing for very long. However, her talent far surpasses her years of experience AND she’s already created a unique art style of her own that you won’t find anywhere else. Pliszka specializes

Artist Spotlight – Makinucci

Makinucci is a tattoo artist who studied art at the Institut Del Theatre in Barcelona. She currently resides in Ibiza but has been a guest artist in studios all around the world. Take one look at the phenomenal work she’s known for in the gallery below and you’ll see why

XXX Tattoo Artist Spotlight – Nicolas Rambaud

In the tattoo industry, artists are constantly trying to find a way to differentiate themselves from one another. For most people, they do this through a unique artistic style, making a name for themselves by create a new art style other people have never done before – like Trash Polka

Artist Spotlight – Victor Chil

Victor Chil started his art career as a teenaged graffiti artist before he began going to art school in Barcelona. Then one day he decided to get a tattoo by Rafa from Ronin Tattoo and became fascinated with the artistry of tattooing. He asked Rafa to apprentice him and he’s

Artist Spotlight – Mattia Mambo

Mattia Mambo started tattooing traditional tattoos years ago. Back then he was your average budding, talented tattoo artist looking to get better at his craft while maybe making a name for himself along the way. He’s done just that by creating his own unique art style called “destructured” tattoos. These tattoo

Artist Spotlight – Abey Alvarez

Abey Alvarez is a tattoo artist who owns and operates out of 3 Foot Radius Tattoo in Southern California. He learned about tattooing from his cellmate while incarcerated in the late 90s and tattooed himself upon release with a homemade tattoo gun. From there he started tattooing anyone who would