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Artist Spotlight – Anais B

Anais B @anaisbtattoo 5

Anais B is a professional tattoo artist who works out of Spa, Belgium and specializes in a variety of primarily black-and-grey styles. She’s probably best known for her jewel and lace designs that strategically add a splash of color and show off her amazing shading ability that is a great example of how less can indeed be more. If you find yourself in or around Belgium and looking for a tattoo by one of the best tattoo artists in the world, look up Anais B. You certainly won’t be disappointed. Belgium Anaïs B Tattoo IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Zack Taylor

Zack Taylor themachine13 @themachine13 9

Zack Taylor is a professional tattoo artist who works out of Evermore Tattoo in Los Angeles, California. He’s a massive fan of bold, classic traditional tattoos and have brought that style into the new school with his own work. If you’re looking for a phenomenal artist to get your own colorful new school tattoo, then look no further than Zack Taylor. In addition to tattoos, Zack is also a fan of motorcycles, surfing, his dog, and family and friends. Chances are, you have something in common with this great artist and can together come up with a one-of-a-kind tattoo design you can both be proud of. Evermoretattoo Los Angeles CA IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Carlos Montilla

Carlos Montilla @closmontilla 11

Carlos Montilla @closmontilla Carlos Montilla graduated with honors from Massachusetts School of Art and Design in 2013 and currently tattoos at Visible Ink in Malden, Massachusetts. He specializes in colorful new school tattoos but, as you’ll see in the gallery below, is no strangers to black-and-grey tattoo design either. Montilla is a budding, eclectic tattoo artist you should definitely keep your eye on and get a tattoo from as he gets even better than he already is. Visible Ink Malden, MA IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Victoria Benea


Victoria Benea is a phenomenal tattoo artist who creates designs in a variety of forms and styles. Any sort of tattoo you could possibly want is within her range of abilities, and she’ll even take your moderate or poor tattoo and turn into a wonderful work of art. If you have a chance to get a tattoo done by Victoria Benea, we suggest you don’t pass up the opportunity. Riga, Latvia Home of Tattoos IG – FB –  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Jhon Rodriguez

Jhon Rodriguez @jhonrodriguez 6

Jhon Rodriguez @jhonrodriguez Before moving to the US, Jhon Rodriguez owned one of the first tattoo shops in Bogota, Colombia for 16 years. He moved to the US in 2012 and started Rosa Negra in 2015. The walls of the studio is full of paintings created by Jhon and various other tattoo artists over the years. Jhon’s 21 years of professional tattooing experience are evident in each design he creates. He specializes in bold, clean lined tattoos and enjoys drawing animal tattoos more than anything else. If you’re in the Wynwood area of Miami, Florida, stop by Rosa Negra and get a tattoo or commission a painting from this masterful artist. You won’t be disappointed. IG – FB –  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Marco Canelas

Marco Canelas @marcocanelas_tattooartist 1

Marco Canelas is a tattoo artist who utilizes a variety of different styles and forms from client to client. He’s mostly known for the spiritual designs he creates that explore both the light and dark sides of life and death. IG – FB –  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Shannon Pagliarini

Shannon Pagliarini @shannontattooer 13

  Shannon Pagliarini is an American tattoo artist who works out of Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. She specializes in new school tattoos and even has her own Tumblr page where fans of her work can contact her directly. Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor Point Pleasant, NJ IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Josh Bodwell

Josh Bodwell @joshbodwell5

Josh Bodwell @joshbodwell If Josh Bodwell looks familiar then you probably saw him on A&E’s “Epic Ink” or a convention somewhere, be it tattoo-related or Comic-Con. He currently tattoos at Funhouse Tattooing in Tannersville, PA and has been known to tattoo during conventions too, be them tattoo-focused or not. As you’ll see in the gallery below, Josh specializes in realism, primarily where some form of pop culture is involved. If you’re looking for that badass Star Wars, Disney, Marvel or tattoo related to your favorite film or franchise, Josh has you covered and then some. His love for all things pop culture-related shows in his work, and you’d be crazy not to get a tattoo done by him if given half a chance. Tannersville , PA ig – fb – More »

The Phenomenal Benjamin Lloyd Collection


New Zealand tattoo artist Benjamin Lloyd is bringing smiles to sick children’s faces through the use of tattoos. No, he’s not actually tattooing young children. He utilizes a special non-toxic ink and airbrushes the tattoos on. Each one takes about nine minutes to create and washes off in the shower. However, while the tattoos may be temporary, the joy and confidence boost they bring to the children and people in need isn’t. Mr. Lloyd knows as much from first-hand experience. As a child, he was often bullied and teased at school over a burn he had on his hand. In an effort to avoid the bullying, young Benjamin would draw intricate designs over his hand and up his sleeve. Over time and a lot of practice, he became a talented artist. What you see in the videos and galleries below is his way of giving back, of using the lessons he learned throughout his life to better the lives of others. All you have to do is see the smiles on these children’s faces to know he’s making a positive difference in their lives. And it’s all done through tattoos. Sure, they may not be permanent, but the core idea and values still remain. The next time you see someone looking down on tattoos and tattoo culture, politely point them towards the Benjamin Lloyd Collection. It may not change their minds, but it’s might at least bring some positivity to their life – and that’s something we could all use ...Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Andrea Lanzi

Andrea Lanzi @antikorpo11

Andrea Lanzi @antikorpo Andrea Lanzi is a self-taught artist who has been tattooing for over 20 years and is practiced in all forms of art from simple drawings to sculptures. He specializes in a sort of new school realism tattoo style that he’s cultivated through over a decade of tattooing and made his own. A lot of his designs are inspired by random pictures he finds online. Lanzi’s first tattoo, which he did at 17, was a six-pointed star he drew on his subject’s forearm. He wasn’t a dedicated tattoo artist at the time, but it’s been his primary focus even since he opened his tattoo studio, ANTIKORPO, in Italy over 15 years ago. Orzinuovi, Lombardy, Italy IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Becky Foster

Becky Foster @beckyfostertattoo 9

Becky Foster @beckyfostertattoo Becky Foster is a phenomenal tattoo artist who works out of Norwich, England and doesn’t tend to specialize in any given form of tattooing. One day she’ll design a traditional portrait realism piece, the next she might be working on a watercolor abstract tattoo.  You’ll see the high variance of her abilities in the gallery below. Like a lot of tattoo artists, Becky prefers for people to focus more on her art than herself, so we’ll let the tattoos speak for her from here on out. We just hope you enjoy the gallery, and if you ever find yourself in Norwich, England you should look her up for a badass Becky Foster original of your own. Norwich UK IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Renan Batista

Renan Batista @renanbatistatattoo5

Renan Batista @renanbatistatattoo , which is of course located in Berlin, Germany, where he creates stunning artworks on skin and paper. Renan is a well-rounded artist who has stunning artwork to offer everyone, even if they’re not interested in getting a tattoo. That being said, you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to get a tattoo done by this masterful artist. If you find yourself in or around Berlin, you should definitely stop by Berlin Ink Tattooing and see what Renan can do for you. Berlin Berlin Ink IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Derek Turcotte

Derek Turcotte @drkturcotte8

Derek Turcotte is a tattoo artist who specializes in new school tattoos and works out of Canmore, Alberta Canada. He’s so good that many people consider him to be the new school tattoo master, and be sure to check out the pictures in the gallery below before you start to disagree. That being said, his style isn’t entirely new school focused. It’s a unique blend of realism and new school coupled with over-exaggerated illustrative drawings that combine to create unique collages you won’t see anywhere else. He excels with color and his talent oozes out of each tattoo he designs. If you have a chance to get a tattoo done by Derek Turcotte, do not pass up the opportunity. Canmore, Alberta Canada Electric Grizzly Tattoo IG – FB –  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Tony Sklepic

Tony Sklepic @tonysklepictattoo14

Tony Sklepic @tonysklepictattoo Tony Sklepic started tattooing in 2002 after he graduated high school and hasn’t stopped since. The realism that inspired him to become a tattoo artist in the first place, such as the work by artists like Nikko Hurtado and Paul Acker, is readily evident in the work you’ll see in his gallery featured below. In addition to being an avid tattoo enthusiast, Tony is also a self-proclaimed comic book, movie and music nerd who specializes in applying his full-color realism tattooing skills to large pop-culture influenced designs. Some of his biggest artistic influences outside of the tattoo world are comic book artists, like Jim Lee, Tony Moore and Ryan Ottley. In 2014 he founded Sanitarium Studios with fellow tattoo artist Karl Sundquist and has been tattooing from the Edmonton studio ever since. EDMONTON ALBERTA CANADA SANITARIUM STUDIOS IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Timmy B

Timmy B @timmy_b_4133

Timmy B @timmy_b_413 Timmy B started tattooing in 2005, but not in the traditional sense some would assume. He didn’t undergo an apprenticeship. Instead, Timmy started his tattoo career by working out of other people’s kitchens and participating in tattoo parties every weekend he could. He used a toaster oven as an autoclave and scrubbed tubes bare-handed. He couldn’t find a shop that would take him under their wing so, determined to start learning how to tattoo, Timmy B bothered a kitchen magician tattoo artist for months until he finally agreed to hire Timmy for $100 a day, with parties often running up to 12 hours. Timmy specializes in a blend of realism and new school art styles, which you can see characterized in his work that’s featured throughout this gallery. He works out of Tattoo Afterlife, also known as NiteOwl Tattoo, in downtown Northampton, MA on the corner of Pleasant and Pearl St.  NiteOwl Tattoo Northampton Massachusetts IG – More »