Inspirational Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Tattoos

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday observed

Ten Controversial World Religion Day Tattoos

Some of the most horrifying atrocities the world has ever seen have been brought about by a difference in religious beliefs. It’s a fact atheists are quick to mention whenever the topic is brought up, but it’s also one that doesn’t quite provide the whole story. Religions of all kinds

R.I.P. Tattoos to Remember Those Lost in 2015

Gone but not Forgotten!! - Tattoos are one of the most endearing ways to remember those we've lost and those who've had the greatest impact on our lives. The beginning of the year, particularly the first few weeks in January, are often used to reflect on the year that just

Food Tattoos to Think About

Most newbies are told to think about getting something that means a lot to them when getting a tattoo, but not many people think about food. It’s a little odd, isn’t it? We need food to survive, over the course of our lifetime we spend more time eating than doing

Women and Their Ink

The Huffington Post featured an article last year entitled “The Secret Lives Of Tattooed Women” where Claire Fallon wrote about the societal climate of women with tattoos, how its viewed by the general public and how having tattoos effects women’s lives. It’s an interesting and well written article, but does

Travel Tattoos that Take the World with You

Many of us have adventurous spirits, innate desires to explore as many unique parts of the world as we can. Unfortunately, the financial reality that such travel requires often leaves many of us stuck in place more often than not  – making the few times we actually get to travel

RIP: Tattoos Honoring Lemmy from Motorhead

Rock music has played a huge role in the tattoo industry and community, so it’s only fitting we talk about the loss of one of rock’s most influential figureheads – Lemmy Kilmister. Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister was born in England on December 24th, 1945. After being inspired and influenced by The

What’s Up Your Sleeve?

Visible tattoos hurt job prospects. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact – one that is constantly reevaluated by research groups and psychology students year after year. In 2015, a 2700 person survey found that 76% of people felt tattoos hurt a job applicant’s chances of landing a position and

Painful Tattoos! Let’s Explain How Bad Tattoos Hurt

You’ve probably heard all the horror stories about the pain associated with tattoos. About people fainting, having to quit with a tattoo only partially done or going through dozens of small sessions to get through the process. Despite what you’ve heard, tattoos really aren’t as painful as you may have

Sexy Sternum Tattoos

You don't need see their faces to know these woman are confident and badass. The sternum, or under boob tattoo is trending with thousands of designs, intricate meanings and a body placement that simply accentuates the natural curves. Sternum tattoos offer a ton of room for artists to work with and

All-American, Patriotic Tattoos

While it’d be easy to say, “There’s nothing more American than tattoos”, the truth is that there’s nothing more human than tattoos. Tattooing is one of the earliest art forms known to man. In 1991, German hikers discovered the remains of a 5,300 year-old mummified man who had 57 tattoos

The History of the Mom and Heart Tattoo

These tattoos are one of the most personal ways to express the love you have for your mother and the gratitude you feel towards her. Apart from giving birth to a child, mothers nurture, protect and make sacrifices for their children throughout their lives. This natural attachment is felt by

10 Colorful Rockabilly Tattoos

Are you like a little bit of country and rock ‘n’ roll? Then you’re probably already quite familiar with all things rockabilly, even if you don’t recognize the term. Rockabilly, the musical genre tag that denotes the early 50’s style of rock-and-rock, has transcended music to encompass an entire art

10 Steampunk Tattoos to be Inspired By

The retro-futuristic Victorian setting that characterizes the steampunk style is the primed to inspire creative and unique tattoo designs. The sci-fi art style involved in all things steampunk related is incredibly detailed and vivid, making for exquisite works of art that anyone engrossed in the romantic retro-Victorian era can appreciate

What are Trash Polka Tattoos?

With tattoos becoming more popular each year, it’s only natural that designs would begin to change and evolve. As more people get tattoos, it becomes increasingly likely that two or more people will wind up with the same design. For many, that’s simply unacceptable, which is where designs like Trash