Artist Spotlight – Alex Binnie

Alex Binnie got his first tattoo back in the 70s and started getting heavily tattooed in the 80s before he began tattooing towards the latter part of the decade. That means he has close to 30 years of tattooing experience under his belt! His experience and practiced expertise shows in

Putting the Fun in Fungi

No, we’re not going to gross you out with a bunch of fungus facts or anything like that. We just thought we’d share an odd tattoo theme that we were surprised to find so many high quality pictures for. Apparently a lot of people really like mushrooms, or at least

Artist Spotlight – Tony Hundahl

Tony Hundahl has been tattooing as a paid professional since 1998. He specializes in tattoos that feature a lot of bold imagery and movement while simultaneously being based off of traditional western and Japanese styles, although his unique flair could look a little new school-esque to the untrained eye. His number

Artist Spotlight – Juan Puente

Having started tattooing in Orange County in 1992, Juan Puente has almost 25 years of tattooing experience. He currently works in San Francisco out of Black Heart Tattoo, which was founded back in 2004 and is the home of numerous highly talented artists. Juan primarily enjoys working with fine line black-and-grey

Badass Minecraft Tattoos

Minecraft’s effect on the video game industry can’t be understated. Created by Markus “Notch” Persson singlehandedly, Minecraft became a gaming phenomenon that fundamentally altered the industry in a number of ways. It brought about an entirely new genre of games, vastly popularized and pushed the capabilities of procedural generation, and

Amazing Kraken Tattoos

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster that supposedly lives off the coast of Norway and Greenland. Many people have hypothesized that the tales of this enormous creature that’s big enough to utterly destroy large ships comes from recounts of giant squids – which were actually thought to be long

Who Ever Said Roses are Red?

Roses aren’t just red, and we’re not even talking about tattoos. Roses can actually be bred to flower with all sorts of colors. That being said, the blue color in this gallery’s featured image isn’t one of them. The only way to get a blue rose is to color the petals

Sick Samurai Tattoos

Cool-looking armor, iconic weapon usage, known for being honorable to a fault and utilizing a unique fighting style that’s still passed down and practiced to this day are all things that make samurais extremely interesting to people to this day. Samurai were the military nobility and officer caste of medieval

Majestic Mass Effect Tattoos

Mass Effect is one of the most controversial gaming franchises of recent memories. The first game, titled Mass Effect of course, was released in 2007 and from the onset the series set-out to be a trilogy where player choices from the first game would significantly impact the sequels, allowing players

Badass Harley-Davidson Tattoos

Even if you’re not a fan of motorcycles, you’ve probably heard about Harley-Davidson before. They’re easily one of the most well-known and recognizable motorcycle brands in the world. The company was started in Milwaukee, Wisonsin in 1903 and was one of only two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the

Awesome Star Trek Tattoos

Star Trek was one of the first science-fiction franchises to see widespread popularity. It began as a television series in 1966 and actually didn’t do very well at first. NBC was so unhappy with the show’s ratings that it threatened to cancel the show during the second season. The network

Dominating Domino Tattoos

The oldest known mention of dominoes comes from 13th century China, but the game is thought to have been created and played many years prior to this account. For those who don’t know, dominoes is a game played with specialized rectangular tiles. One side of each tile is left blank and

Artist Spotlight – Jojo Ackermann

Jojo Ackermann has been tattooing since 1992 and was in a street shop until recently moving to Ten Thousand Waves in Sherman Oaks, CA. As you’ll see from his work featured in the gallery below, Jojo doesn’t really specialize in any single tattooing style. He enjoys giving his clients the

Remarkable Resident Evil Tattoos

The Resident Evil franchise is one of the oldest horror video game franchises still going strong today, and that’s despite numerous criticisms for the last few main installment titles. The first game, titled simply Resident Evil, was released in 1996 on the Sony Playstation and got rave reviews after quickly

Adorable Penguin Tattoos

Penguins, as you probably know, are a group of flightless aquatic birds that pretty much live exclusively in Antarctica. (That’s the South Pole area. There are no penguins in the Arctic, or North Pole region.) The largest species of penguins are the emperor penguins, which grow to an average height