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Jeff Gogue: Tattoo As I See It Trailer

How I Got Here

By James Connolly

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First off,  I am honored to have the opportunity to be given an outlet like this for the things that are constantly running around in my brain. Thank you TAM for giving me a place for my rants to be relevant. So here we go…

I thought I’d spend this first blog attempting to tell the readers here with who I am, what I do, and where I came from. I’m not a household name in tattooing like some of the other greats that post here. I am a tattoo artist that is working hard to get better at tattooing and along the way if I can make the people I tattoo happy with a solid tattoo then I’ll be fine with that. If I gain some recognition along the way I’ll take it.

I started as a dude in the right place at the right time. In early 2005, a good childhood friend of mine ended up getting an apprenticeship working in the studio where he started getting tattooed. I was along for the ride to give him my skin to practice on and get some cheap tattoos to help a friend. At the time, I thought it was awesome but it never crossed my mind that I too could get into tattooing. I didn’t feel I had any business learning. I quit drawing when I was younger for other “artistic” interest (mainly pottery and sculpting in high school), so I didn’t possess the drawing prowess that I now tell dozens of kids that ask about apprenticeships that they need. After hanging out at the studio for the better part of the year the owner briefly mentioned “selling” me an apprenticeship. I won’t name the guy but he was the sort that saw dollar signs on everything and cashed in everything and everyone he could. We talked more about it and after agreeing on terms (and a price) that was it, I was in. I’ll tell anyone that asks me at that time I shouldn’t have been anywhere near tattooing beyond just getting tattooed. I basically worked like a mule for months on end with very minimal teaching. It was the busiest studio in the area that supported 6 busy artists, my friend included, so the work load was huge, the teaching was minimal, and a few of the attitudes were total shit. I dealt with it for a while and then I messed it up badly and damn near lost my shot at this all together.

DOC INK Episode 1: Teté

Doc Ink is a brazilian  web series of short episodes featuring some of that country’s most respected tattooers. It was introduced to us by São Paulo-based tattooer Nico Acosta.
Enjoy episode #1!


The Right Reasons

By John F. Garancheski

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Every endeavor in life usually begins with the idea that the end will bring a feeling of “completeness.” Visions of victory and triumph fill our heads as we imagine the praise and recognition that we will receive, or we imagine the blanket of comfort and security that will be delivered upon the acquisition of items that we covet.

We think, “If I could only have…”

It’s the new girlfriend who we know is “the one”, the new job that promises the challenges and advancements that we have always hoped for, the new apartment in the best neighborhood that we could find, the new car that gives us goosebumps when we slide into the driver seat, the newest tech gadget, the new diet, the get rich quick scheme, the list goes on. Each promises to be the one thing that we need to finally be fulfilled and content with life.

Melissa Fusco: Breaking The Artist Bubble

By Melissa Fusco
Last month I had the pleasure of visiting  Off The Map Tattoo Studio in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. It was my first time ever visiting Oregon, and I must say it gave Colorado a little competition. I arrived with the all to familiar nervous, anxious, first time exploring butterflies that I feel in my stomach while starting a new journey.  Off The Map Tattoo Studio shares it’s name with Jeff Gogue’s Grant’s Pass location. I had a few days of tattooing lined up, and was very excited about that, however I was more focused on the plans I had made in advance. I coincided my guest artist spot around Jeff’s painting workshop. I had this trip planned out for about 10 months, and it seems the longer it takes for me to plan anything the more anxiety builds for the trip.


Lessons From Ink Smith & Rogers: Week 2

By Deb Yarian


image copy

In my last installment of Lessons from Inksmith and Roger’s week 1, I explain that I had the pleasure of sending my second son, Nick, having just finished up an apprenticeship at our family shop in Alaska, to the world famous Inksmith and Roger’s Tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida for what many would consider a chance of a lifetime and a great opportunity for a brand new tattooer.

Dave Waugh: Work in Progress Session VI (By Hunter Spanks)

By Hunter Spanks
1:41pm August 29, 2012 and Lizzy finds herself back in Georgetown at Jinx Proof Tattoo for the sixth session on her back piece by Dave Waugh. A mystical piece complete with unicorns, naked women, hidden cocks and butt plugs just to round things out. Dave prepares a message table as they harass each other in preparation for the session to start. I’m sure this is just to work out the nerves. At least on Lizzy’s part. Dave seems cool as a cucumber as always…  (more…)

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Jack Mauk
Port City Tattoo
Long Beach, CA
jack-mauk-1 jack-mauk-2 jack-mauk-3 jack-mauk-4 jack-mauk-5
TAM Blog 2013 Gallery

Dawn Cooke: Never Take Each Other For Granted

By Dawn Cooke
This blog is about the intricacies of the client/artist relationship. It’s sort of like any other relationship, only usually interactions happen in relatively short bursts and there are just so many of them. I try to always value this relationship and interaction. I think it is a valuable life experience for both parties, usually… (more…)

VICE: In Cuba, Tattoo Artists Make More than Doctors and Lawyers

247955866d749ef2d3213bf14290ebcdStory by Jasper Craven. Photos by Stacey Rupolo. (Story originally appears at
This year, a 52-year-old politician named Miguel Diaz-Canel was appointed vice president of the ruling Council of State in Cuba, making him a likely future leader of the country. Some Cubans hope he will lead their country into a new era. One reason: while he was governor of Villa Clara province, he sponsored a tattoo festival…  (more…)

Tattooists Want Better Regulations Across The Industry

_59393351_kelseyBy Rick Kelsey (Story originally appears at:
A group of the UK’s leading tattoo artists has called for tougher regulations across the industry. They want people to be more aware of the dangers of backstreet parlours and home inking kits bought online…  (more…)

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Charles Ong
Los Angeles, CA
charles-ong-1 charles-ong-2 charles-ong-3 charles-ong-4 charles-ong-5
TAM Blog 2013 Gallery

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Mario Johnston
White Crane Tattoo
Cincinnati, OH
TAM Blog 2013 Gallery

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Paul Aherne
Spilled Ink Tattoo
Dublin, Ireland
pierrotcrying ladydagger knifeskull rosespixie
TAM Blog 2013 Gallery

*NEW* Pictures Added to the TAM Blog Gallery

Tattoos By Jason Schroder
Incognito Tattoo
Los Angeles, CA
Jason Schroder-1Jason Schroder-2Jason Schroder-3Jason Schroder-7Jason Schroder-4Jason Schroder-6Jason Schroder-5
TAM Blog 2013 Gallery