Exceptional Leg Sleeves Part One

The legs are a great space to tattoo large scale images on, it is valuable real estate that can handle a lot of intricate work. These leg sleeves are quite exceptional, don't you agree?       [divider]  *To see MORE and learn about some of the MOST AMAZING tattoo artists of our age, check

The Grimmest Grim Reaper Tattoos

The Grim Reaper. The Angel of Death. The Hooded One… Whatever you may call him, the reaper is a symbol that represents death and passing into a new world. He’s the guide that takes us from this plane to the next. Most of us surely have known the grim reaper

Luscious Lip Tattoos

Who doesn't like a tattoo of a sexy pair of lips?  Lips are a focal part of an expression and almost always noticed as an important part of a woman's sexuality. We think these are some of the most luscious lip tattoos around, what do you think?        

16 Insane Optical Illusion Tattoos That’ll Blow Your Mind

Optical Illusions neither trick the eye or fool the brain but they are perceived by the brain in a manner that differs from objective reality.  There are three main types:  literal optical illusions that create images that are different from the objects that make them, physiological illusions that are the effects

Funniest Buttcrack Tattoos

We are all about the humor and jokes, and these guys definitely take the cake when it comes to butt humor. Here are some of the most disturbing, and funniest buttcrack tattoos out there today.  

Some of the Most Amazing German Tattoo Artists

Germany tends to turn out some amazing tattoo artists.  These artists all have a unique design aspect they use when tattooing that really tends to stand out. We dedicate this blog to some of the most amazing German tattoo artists out there, let us know if there's any we missed!  

10 Mischievous Muerte Tattoos

Death has been personified by people for millennia, from simple artistic depictions of life and death to underworld gods taking human form. There are few personifications of death more readily identifiable than Santa Muerte, the folk saint of death acknowledged throughout Mexico and the Southwestern region of the United States. Santa

About Patriots and Patriotic Tattoos

There isn’t a more powerful way to identify one’s love for their nation than with a patriotic tattoo. It’s a meaningful way for an individual to symbolize their devotion, national pride, and sense of patriotism towards their country. The main element of patriotic tattoos is usually a flag of the person's

The Weird Beautiful World of Normal Carrey

Kaiyu Huang a.k.a. Normal Carrey, who was born in Shanghai creates some pretty amazing esoteric artwork that are stunning tattoos.  He currently lives and works in New York City, and is a student at Parsons the New School.  Normal started tattooing in 2013 and oddly enough had no tattoos himself when