24-hour waiting period proposed for D.C. tattoos, piercings

By Mike DeBonis and Victoria St. Martin Reblogged from: www.washingtonpost.com Some popular impulse purchases — tattoos and body piercings — could soon become less impulsive if District health regulators have their way. A mandatory 24-hour waiting period is among the provisions included in a 66-page package of draft regulations governing the “body art” industry

Past and Present

By Manny Hernandez Hey Ladies and Gents,  This is my first blog entry for TAM Blog, and I feel like I should somewhat introduce myself so you guys can feel familiar with me as a blogger and artist. My name is Manuel Hernandez and I work at Urban Art Tattoo in Tempe,

The Story of Shri Timios the Natha Part 1: The Mystic Skull

By Jon Osiris Some time ago,  the eccentric occultist, ceremonial tattooist, artisan and creator, Shri Timios the Natha went out on his regular moonlit stroll after "burning the midnight oil". He had been in meditation for hours and had also been studying arcane texts and drawing diagrams interlaced upon a human

Tattoo Education

By Robbie Ripoll How many of the layperson out there actually give a fuck about tattoo education? Or, better yet, are completely ignorant to the fact that there is a higher level of education about tattoos?  There is a huge world of education out in this vast galaxy of media

So You Wanna Be A Tattoo Artist?

By Deb Yarian My recent, internationally distributed book (ha ha), "So You Want To Be A Tattoo Artist?"- Helpful hints on getting started in an exciting career as a tattoo artist, with little or no training or skill, caused quite a furor in the tattoo world. Both seasoned and novice tattooers alike,

How I Got Here

By James Connolly First off,  I am honored to have the opportunity to be given an outlet like this for the things that are constantly running around in my brain. Thank you TAM for giving me a place for my rants to be relevant. So here we go... I thought I'd spend

DOC INK Episode 1: Teté

Doc Ink is a brazilian  web series of short episodes featuring some of that country's most respected tattooers. It was introduced to us by São Paulo-based tattooer Nico Acosta. Enjoy episode #1!   http://vimeo.com/47166146

The Right Reasons

By John F. Garancheski Every endeavor in life usually begins with the idea that the end will bring a feeling of “completeness.” Visions of victory and triumph fill our heads as we imagine the praise and recognition that we will receive, or we imagine the blanket of comfort and security that

Prestigiousness in Tattooing

By Ben Shaw We were once warriors, tribal leaders and medicine men/women. Tattoos were once sacred images used for many purposes; warrior markings, rites of passage, sacred journeys, social status, healing, etc. The revolutionized tattoo machine eliminated much of the pain, price and time required. So from the late 1800s until today,