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Sensational Starcraft Tattoos

Starcraft is easily one of the most popular RTS video game franchises ever created. It started with the original game that was released in 1998 and was eventually followed up by a sequel in 2010 that has now seen 2 major expansion releases – the last one being Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void in 2015. For those who don’t know, RTS stands for real-time strategy and is a genre of video games where players produce and manage massive armies while trying to wipe each other out. Starcraft is arguably the king of the genre, with the original game and its expansion entitled Brood War having sold over 10 million copies. Some of you out there are sure to be Starcraft fans. So here’s a Starcraft tattoo gallery for you.Read More »

Fantastic Fox Tattoos


A fox is a small-to-medium sized, omnivorous mammals that are adored all over the world for their cute-sy appearance. This appearance, which is similar to that of many domesticated dogs, often leads people to believe that foxes are similar to the more docile canines that live in people’s homes – which is an incorrect assumption. In fact, foxes are behavorially more akin to wolves – making them difficult to tame and, as such, often illegal to keep as a domesticated animal. But regardless, people will continue to love foxes for their outward appearance regardless of whether or not they’re ever allowed to keep one as a pet. So here are some adorable fox tattoos.Read More »

Sharp Scythe Tattoos


The scythe didn’t originate as the personification of death’s weapon. It’s actually an agricultural tool that is used for mowing grass and reaping crops. (Reaping as in gathering, not murdering.) It’s been largely replaced by modern technology though, which is why so many people nowadays only associate the scythe as a fictional weapon often utilized by Death. Traditional scythes actually look really boring and not nearly as badass as their fictional counterparts. This tattoo gallery is all about fictional scythes that are more weaponry than gardening tools, although you could still use them for either task to be fair.Read More »

Artists Spotlight – State Of Grace Tattoo

State Of Grace Tattoo @stateofgracetattoo 1

Today we’re not just covering a single tattoo artist, but an entire tattoo studio. State of Grace Tattoo has been around for well over a decade and is home to nine highly talented tattoo artists. Between the nine standard artists and the various guest artists who tattoo at State of Grace on occasion, you can easily walk into the studio and get a phenomenal high quality tattoo in any style you could possibly want. The shop is based out of San Jose, California and is very reasonably priced considering the amount of talent and quality that goes into each and every tattoo. If you’re looking for a studio with a stable of insanely talented artists, State of Grace Tattoo is a great studio to put on your list. To see more badass work by State Of Grace and many others, check out TAM Issue 32! San Jose, CA  IG – FB –  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Bryan Burk


Bryan Burk is the owner of Dark Horse Tattoo in Los Angeles and has been a professional tattoo artist for close to 20 years now. He’s known for having his own unique style of tattooing that borrows from a wide variety of styles but doesn’t really fit any particular genre. If you’re looking for a high quality, one-of-a-kind tattoo and want to get it done in a chill, judgement-free tattoo studio then Bryan Burk at Dark Horse Tattoo is definitely an artist and shop location worth considering. (But don’t worry if you couldn’t follow that mess of a sentence, we’re sure the video above and the gallery below will tell you all you need to know.) To see more badass work by Bryan Burk and many others, check out TAM Issue 32! Los Angeles Dark Horse Tattoo IG – FB – More »

Badass Alien Tattoos


We’re posting a gallery themed on the Alien franchise on the same day as a post about Roswell aliens just to be confusing for shits and giggles. Both even fall under the “alien tattoo” tag too. This post also serves as our video game post, seeing as how the Alien franchise has spawn a number of video games. Of course, we’re more looking to refer to Alien: Isolation – which was the latest and best Alien franchise-based video game to date – and not the horrendous steaming pile of crap that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. If you like Aliens or good-looking tattoos, you’ll probably like this gallery.Read More »

Superb Shipwreck Tattoos


There’s no particular reason for this shipwreck tattoo gallery. It was just a random theme idea that spontaneously came to mind. In fact, it only happened because the creator of these galleries forgot he had meant to make a Cthulhu-based gallery instead. (Don’t worry, it’ll come soon.) Yes, we’re counting not yet wrecked ships that are surrounded by massive tentacles because they’re doomed to be shipwrecks soon anyway. About half of the #shipwrecktattoos weren’t even ships, let alone shipwrecks. So beggars can’t be choosers and all that. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the gallery regardless. Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.Read More »

Smexy Alien Tattoos


Why are the stereotypical depictions of aliens always green? Is green the furthest, oddest color from traditional human pigment imaginable? Why can’t the bug-eyed Roswell alien be colored blue, pink or orange instead? For that matter, why does it have to be mono-color to begin with? And why are so many aliens just a few mutations away from humans? As if human-looking entities are the only type of creatures in the entire universe who could possibly create technological advancements capable of interstellar travel? To be fair, most of these alien tattoos are black or grey. But if colored ink had be used, we bet they would’ve been green.Read More »

Nostalgic Bugs Bunny Tattoos


Honestly, we’d rather have made the second picture in this gallery the featured image. It’s easily the most nostalgic of all to anyone who remembers the Bugs Bunny cartoons of yesteryear. But the sad truth is that the sexually charged image we used will easily attract three to four times more traffic than this gallery post would get otherwise (and we ARE running a business here after all). Still, there are plenty of pictures here that fans of the most famous rabbit-based character of all-time can enjoy. And we welcome everyone who stops by to check out the gallery, regardless of what drew them here. (But let’s be honest. You wanted a better look at the featured image, didn’t you?)Read More »

Definitive Destiny Tattoos


(The views expressed in this post are opinions belonging to one person who works for TAM and are not necessarily a reflection of how everyone here feels. Most people who work for TAM don’t even play video games.) Destiny is a terrible video game. It was massively overhyped and failed at everything except the primary controls, which were well established by Bungie after three iterations of Halo and impossible to screw up. But then a bit of DLC (downloadable content) came along – DLC people had to pay for – and all of a sudden the game gets a pass on its utter initial failure. Seriously people?! So many people are die hard Destiny fans that there are hundreds of tattoos featuring aspects of the game, but we can’t get enough tattoos for a Crash Bandicoot gallery?! You had to pay them to fix the game and make it playable! But fine, here’s your Destiny tattoo gallery anyway…  Read More »

Marvelous Mary J Tattoos

Marijuana is finally coming full circle, so we figured we’d celebrate the best way we know how – with a tattoo gallery. Did you know that it used to be so legal and widely used that everything from paper to rope was made from the same plant that gives many people the munchies and giggles when smoked? Granted, we’re talking about a very mild strain from a long time ago, but the truth is the truth. There are a lot of theories as to why it was ever criminalized in the first place. Have you noticed how politically correct prudes seem to go in and out of style over the years? We’re guessing a bunch got into power and they’re the ones who mucked the whole system up. Luckily for many, it’s being decriminalized all over the world. And a lot of people choose to show their love of good ol Mary J with tattoos. Enjoy.Read More »

Cool-Ass Computer Tattoos


If you follow us on Facebook then you may have noticed a few questionable posts going up before being suddenly taken down from your feed. Over the last week and some change we were – actually, as this is being written, still are – having computer troubles. (Specifically, someone was(is) trying to hijack our Facebook page!) With computers on the brain, we figured now was the best time to create a computer-based tattoo gallery. So here are a few nice computer, or computer-centric, tattoos that are well-done at least. (Surprisingly there aren’t many computer-themed tattoos out there.) We hope you enjoy and our Facebook should be back to normal and under our full control momentarily.Read More »

Another Wondrous Walter White Tattoo Gallery

Paul Antal @antalpaul

Yes, Breaking Bad’s main protagonist is so popular and often used in tattoos that we’ve created another gallery focused solely on Walter White. By the time you’re done perusing these galleries, you may even start calling him “The Man of a Million Faces”, because that’s how varied these tattoos of the same person are! Breaking Bad may be over, but it’s clear from these tattoos that the show is sure to live on for generations still to come.  Which actually can make things tougher on the main actors due to typecasting. Although we’re sure Bryan Cranston won’t have a problem breaking through it.  Read More »

Non-Sexual One-Eyed Tattoos


We’re not talking about the comic book character, although you may or may not find him strategically squeezed in the gallery for shits and giggles. This gallery is really about a mythological creature that’s been in works of fiction much older than the X-Men. The Cyclops originates from Greek mythology and was said to be a member of a race of giants who all had a single eye in the middle of their forehead. The word literally means “round-eyed” after all. Honestly, they’re supernatural entities that – in this writer’s opinion – aren’t used enough in today’s supernatural storytelling. Yeah they’re pretty basic, but let’s give vampires and werewolves a freaking rest already. Anyway, enjoy the tattoo gallery.Read More »

Chipper Chipmunk Tattoos


Yes, chipper is a word. It means cheerful and lively, and it serves as a great word to describe chipmunks. What about the title image? Ever heard of irony? Why are you theoretical people so judgmental?! This gallery came about because we wanted to do an Alvin and the Chipmunks gallery but we were having a hard time finding Alvin and the Chipmunks tattoos. However, we did find a collection of really awesome general chipmunk tattoos, which you’ll find in the gallery below. You’ll even still come across Alvin too, so relax and enjoy this wonderful gallery of chipmunk tattoos.Read More »