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Artist Spotlight – Szejn Szejnowski

Szejn Szejnowski @szejno4

Szejn Szejnowski’s artistic roots began to take hold as a graffiti artist, which is readily apparent in a lot of the tattoos he designs. He’s made a name for himself in the tattoo industry by combining the graffiti and tattoo worlds to create a new artistic design style altogether. That’s not all he does though. If you visit Szejn at Juniorink in Warsaw, Poland and want something more traditional, you’ll get a tattoo that’s just as high quality as any of his signature art style tattoos. He’s a well-rounded artist who clearly loves what he does, and you should definitely try to get a tattoo done by him if you can. Warsaw, Poland Juniorink IG – FB – More »



SERIOUSLY! WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! We’re sure many of you are tired of us showing and talking about bad tattoos just as much as we are, but for some reason people still haven’t gotten the message. Tattoos like these are BAD – something these people should be ashamed of. They say bad things about each person’s decision-making capabilities. Yes, we know that sounds cruel, but just look at the gallery! It’s pretty self-explanatory. A professional may cost a lot more money, but we’re talking about a permanent piece of art. Something that’ll last longer than your next car! Get it done right or not at all.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Nate Hudak

Nate Hudak @nate_hudak 13

Nate Hudak is one of the most recent tattoo artists to also become a business/studio owner. Last year he opened Crying Heart Tattoo in Cincinnati, OH and has continued to provide people with stellar tattoos they can be proud of for years to come. He specializes in colorful neo-traditional tattoos that seek to keep alive the iconic imagery and design style of tattoos from yesterday while also seeking to bring them alive with techniques and colors that artists didn’t have available to them long ago. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do and if you find yourself in Cincinnati you should definitely look up Nate Hudak and have him add a tattoo to your collection. CINCINNATI, OH IG – FB – More »

5 Must Know Facts About Ankle Tats

Ankle-Tats (1)

A lot of first time tattoo newbies think about starting their foray into the tattoo community with a small ankle tattoo that they can easily hide with a sock or pants. For those people, and maybe even a few experienced tattoo junkies, here are five things you may want to know about ankle tattoos. They’re painful. Ankle, and by extension foot, tattoos are some of the most painful you can get. Unlike the vast majority of your body, your ankle and foot area doesn’t have much flesh or muscle that it can use to dull the pain. That being said, shading is more painful than line work. So if you’re determined to get your first tattoo on your ankle, at least get something with little to no shading required. Tiny designs on the foot and ankle are a bad idea. If you’re getting it behind your ankle, then you’re okay. But anywhere else and your tattoo is going to quickly become a smudgy blob of ink because of how much you use the appendage. Which is why the design can’t be some half-inch micro tattoo. Not all tattoo artists will do ankle tattoos. Many refuse to design ankle tattoos for a variety of reasons. Some artists don’t like feet, others have hd bad experiences tattooing ankles, etc, etc. Don’t be surprised if your first choice turns you down. Aftercare is extra bitchy. Tattoo aftercare is a pain in the ass at the best of times. For ankle and feet tattoos, ...Read More »

Lovely Lotus Tattoos

Lotus Tats (1)

Did you know that a lotus is a plant genus, not actually a singular type of flower? What that means is that there are dozens of different types of lotuses out there, not just the water lotus that most people think of (or see dozens of pages for when they search for “lotus” through Google Images). Don’t worry, we’re not here to shatter your idea of what is or isn’t a lotus. You can continue thinking of a beautiful flower blossoming on top of a pond alongside hundreds of lily pads, or an extremely expensive and small car – whichever you prefer. Granted, this gallery focuses on the former, not the latter. All you car lovers have been warned.Read More »

Fantastical Fairy Tattoos

Fairy-Tats (1)

A fairy, also known as “fay” or “fae”, is a mythological creature that originates from European folklore. They were born from Celtic traditions back during the romantic period of the Middle Ages. While often used when speaking of sprites or ethereal creatures much like the Tinkerbell-esque fairies most people think about today, the term was also used to describe any and all magical creatures (including beings like goblins and gnomes). They weren’t largely ascribed the visage we think of today – the one depicted in the tattoos below – until the Victorian era, when “fairy tales” began being created for children. Fairies tend to incredibly small, almost too small for the naked eye to make out, and appear human-like with butterfly wings that they use to move about. Despite their small stature, most fairies are have enormous magical powers. When most people think of fairies, they imagine the Fairy Godmother from Disney’s Cinderella or Tinkerbell, both of which are typically depicted as paragons who assist humans with making their dreams come true. However, fairies are not always depicted as truly good creatures. Puck, from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is one of the most well-known and historically famous fairies of the last 200+ years and is described as being “shrewd and knavish”. Yes, we know, that’s more than you ever wanted to know about fairies and you probably have already skipped everything we’ve said up to this point in lieu of actually getting to the gallery already. It’s okay. ...Read More »

Artist Spotlight – BK_Tattooer


BK Tattooer is an immensely talented and popular South Korean tattoo artist who’s well known online for his black-and-grey tattoo work. He’s equally talented at realistic and abstract designs, and he routinely uses a variety of tattooing styles that differ from piece to piece. To put it bluntly, he’s the total package. He can masterfully craft any sort of black-and-grey or blackwork tattoo design you could dream up. If you’re in South Korea, BK Tattooer is definitely one of the top artists in the area you want to be working with. You may even be able to find him on the European convention circuit too. South Korea IG – FB  – More »

The Full Spectrum of Bad Tattoos


The gallery contains the full spectrum of bad tattoos, from dangerously infected tats to poorly drawn touch-ups. Ever wondered what all forms of bad tattooing looks like? Just check out the gallery below and you’ll see all the examples you could possibly need. (But don’t worry, we’ll keep you stocked with periodic bad tattoo pictures from now until the end of time.) Don’t yourself a favor and learn from these people’s example of what NOT to do. Hire someone with actual talent to craft your tattoos and make sure you take proper care of your tattoos after they’re applied.Read More »



You might be wondering about the title of this post. What could it possibly have to do with a tattoo gallery?! You’re probably even ready to jump into the comments section and angrily type out something about “clickbait”. But you see, these tattoos are so bad they’ll sneak up on you like Jaws. You’ll just casually start scrolling through then BAM, you’ll finally see the most horrendous tattoo of your life! A tattoo so bad you’ll start to rethink your stance on tattoos altogether. Either that, or our brains are fried from seeing so many horrendous tattoos recently that we thought, “F it. Why not?”Read More »

18 Absolutely Awful Tattoos


Have you ever seen a TV show or movie make fun of bad tattoos by having someone get a poorly translated foreign language tattoo they can’t read, or getting a misspelled “No Regrets” tattoo? Well apparently people are actually dumb enough to get tattoos that are just as bad, if not worse, than the comedic exaggerations that make fun of them. WARNING: Some of the tattoos you’re about to see may cause you to facepalm so hard that you knock yourself out. A helmet may be advisable. (You think we’re kidding, but good luck getting through this gallery without feeling the intense need to facepalm.)Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Scott Santeé

Scott Santeé @santeeattack 2

Scott Santeé has been named one of the 10 best tattoo artists in Columbus, Ohio, which is quite a complement considering the immense amount of talent that resides in the city. He specializes in not having a specialty. Just take a look at the gallery below and you’ll understand what we mean, he’s incredibly gifted at drawing all sorts of design styles and has gotten recognition for having such a wide body of work. If you find yourself in Ohio, you should definitely take the time to track down Scott and get a tattoo from one of the most talented American artists alive today. Grandview Heights, Ohio IG – More »

Artist Spotlight – Valerio Cancellier

Valerio Cancellier @valeriocancellier 13

Valerio Cancellier is a full service body modification artist. He offers clients tattoos and piercings, giving them the outward appearance they desire all from one talented individual. He’s made a name for himself in the tattoo community by creating his own sort of blackout style. For those who don’t know, blackout tattoos are a rent design trend where large portions of people’s bodies are entirely covered in black ink. Valerio made the style his own by giving his blackout tattoos a unique drawn-in look. Even if the style doesn’t appeal to you, Valerio is an incredibly talented blackwork artist and can create any sort of blackwork tattoo you might imagine. Be sure to check out the gallery below and stop by where he works in Pavia, Italy if you’re looking for a new, unique tattoo to add to your collection. Pavia, Italy IG – FB – More »

Artist Spotlight – Matthew James

Matthew James @matthewjamestattoo2

Matthew James is one of those artists who prefers people focus on his art more than himself. All it says on his portfolio site’s About page is “Matthew James artistry and tattoo art from Bristol, England.” Clearly he’s the type of artist who prefers to let his art do the talking. That being said, one look at his work in the gallery below should be enough to convince you to get a tattoo by this talented artist. He specializes in blackwork realism tattoos but often gives them a bizarre twist outside of reality. Even the non-realistic portions of his work are incredibly detailed and real-looking though. If you like what you see, we highly suggest making a trip to the UK for your own Matthew James original. You will not leave disappointed. Bristol,UK IG – FB – More »

Awfully Awful Tattoos


We’re not so sure that some of the tattoos featured in this gallery aren’t infected, but we do know they’re all dreadfully awful. Have you ever wondered just how badly someone can screw up a textual tattoo? This gallery has multiple horrendous font tattoos that’ll probably cause you to reevaluate what you think constitutes a bad tattoo. Either that, or you’ll walk away with a new level of horrible on your grading scale. These tattoos are so bad we wouldn’t wish them on our most hated enemies. No one deserves to have tattoos as bad as these, and yet apparently there are people out there who are happily showing them off.Read More »

Artist Spotlight – David Nash

David Nash @nashygunz1

As you’ll see in the gallery below, David Nash specializes in his own unique form of portrait realism that adds so much detail and background to the subject that calling it portrait realism just feels wrong. He mostly works with black-and-grey tattoos but is just as masterful with colored ink. Nash is a master craftsman who clearly has the artistic fundamentals down and utilizes them to peak effectiveness. A lot of his designs are so impressive because of how masterful his shading and line work is. If you find yourself in Australia, track down David Nash and try your best to get a tattoo by one of the greatest realism artists in the business. Gold Coast IG – FB – More »