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12 Terrific Trash Polka Pieces

Joshua White

With tattoos becoming more and more commonplace, tattoo artists are looking for styles that differentiate themselves from other artists. Trash polka started in Germany, and has reached the US with several artists adopting their version and putting their spin on this new genre. These are some of the best pieces out there. Want to learn more about Trash Polka tattoos or looking for another Trash Polka gallery? Check out our previous Trash Polka post here.    Read More »

There’s Always TIME for a Tattoo

Nashy gunz @nashygunz

Time waits for no man or woman. It’s ever present and ever pushing us closer to the end. There’s never enough time for us to do everything we want to do and it’s a pain in the ass to manage, but it’s also quite the curiosity because time as we know and understand it doesn’t actually exist. Time is the human quantification of decay rates. Animals don’t think, “Oh, it’s half past noon, I better grab lunch.” They get hungry, so they hunt. We live by a strict schedule set by time. In all actuality, there could be more than 24 hours in a day if we wanted there to be. We don’t HAVE to measure a year by the Earth’s revolutions around the sun, we choose to. It’s a fascinating idea to think about, but we’ll stop with the philosophical mumbo-jumbo here and just let you enjoy this amazing time tattoos. It’s what you actually came here for anyway, right?  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Guy Aitchison

Screen shot 2016-06-02 at 1.33.37 PM

Guy Aitchison @guyaitchisonart Guy Aitchison didn’t have the slightest desire for anything tattoo-based until he was 16 and his sister Hannah randomly asked him if he felt like getting one. The idea of getting a tattoo quickly germinated into an obsession. All of a sudden Guy found himself diving into the tattoo world, wanting to get tattoos, draw tattoos, talk about tattoos and just consume everything tattoo related he could get his hands on. He found out immediately that he’d found his calling and hasn’t looked back ever since he started his apprenticeship at Bob Oslon’s Custom Tattooing in 1988. Guy now works out of Hyperspace Studios, a private space he and his tattooing wife share, and specializes in his own style of unique and colorful tattoos that any tattoo enthusiast would be proud to sport. As one of the innovators of bio-mechanical and bio-organic tattoo styles, Guy is often credited with inspiring generations with his vision and techniques. In fact, Guy has spent decades educating other artists in the tattoo world first with a series of books and later through more intensive seminars and online training modules. His importance to the tattoo world could not be overstated and we’re proud to feature just a glimpse of his amazing and unique tattoo work here. Also included are a few collaborative tattoos done with other astounding artists. – Enjoy! Chicago, Illinois Instagram – Facebook – WEBSITE –  Read More »

Incredible Tattoos of Celebrities

Chico Morbene @chicomorbene

We’ve talked about celebrity tattoos numerous times, from showing off celebrity tattoo fails to die hard fan tattoos. As previously discussed, celebrities – for better or worse – greatly impact a lot of lives, so it’s no wonder why they’d be some of the most requested portrait tattoos ever. You’ll probably recognize most of the celebrities depicted in the gallery, and many of the moments that are being depicted too. Famous movie characters and music icons drawn in character from a particular scene or poster are pretty common. Be sure to share your celebrity tattoos with us on Instagram and you might see yours featured in an upcoming gallery.  Read More »

Non-Spoilerific Game of Thrones Tattoos

Game-of-thrones (1)

Don’t worry, we’re not going to spoil Game of Thrones if you haven’t read the books or watched the television series. Although you really should give them a try seeing as how it’s one of the most watched and highest rated television shows on TV. Granted, the show has a really slow first episode, but if you stick through you’ll be rewarded at the very end and it steadily picks up from there. We’ve put together a fantastic Game of Thrones tattoo gallery that celebrates a lot of the things people love about the series. And you don’t even have to watch the show to appreciate it. Enjoy.  Read More »

Badass Dragon Tattoos

Dragon-Tats (1)

Who doesn’t like dragons? They’re by far the most popular mythical creature ever dreamed up, with a rich historical background that have convinced many people that they may have even once been real – or at least something like dragons. The first recorded mention of a “dragon” is taken from the Iliad. Agamemnon is described as having a blue dragon symbol on his sword belt and a three-headed dragon on is breastplate. Although, to be fair, the Greek word used to dragon, δράκων drákōn, could also mean “snake”. This would also explain why so many depictions of dragons are more serpent-like in nature than how modern dragons are depicted. They often are depicted with long snake-like bodies and no wings, despite still often being able to fly according to legend. Around the same time, East Asian countries were also developing similar draconian myths. It’s unclear as to whether or not the myths originated separately from one another, but they were certainly both later influenced by each other’s ideas, creating a standardized idea of what a dragon is/was. While most people and cultures readily believe dragons have always been mythological, there are some who think they actually existed at one point in time. Claudius Aelianus, a Roman-born author wrote in his book De Natura Animalium (which roughly translates into On the Nature of Animals) that there was a species of dragon in Ethiopia who hunted elephants. There are a lot of animals that are thought to have inspired the mythical depictions ...Read More »

Fantastic Feather Tattoos

Nicole Eveland @tinytempestxoxo

Feather tattoos are among the most popular designs requested in tattoo studios each day. While the overall symbolism of a feather is fairly basic in nature, the options for feathers are limitless, making them very snowflake-like – that is to say, no two feather tattoos are alike. This sort of innate individualism is due to a couple of different factors. First of all, there are a lot of different types of birds throughout the world and each has a unique feather design that can make for a large variety in feather tattoos. When you start factoring in mythical bird-like beings too, like phoenix feathers and whatnot, the sky’s the limit, so to speak. When you add different tattoo styles to the designs, the tattoo options for feathers become endless. A watercolor bluejay feather tattoo is going to look very different from a portrait realism version, and so on and so forth. We hope you enjoy today’s feather gallery as much as we do and hope you share any of your feather tattoos with us and the rest of the world on Instagram. If you do, you might even see your feather tattoo in our next gallery.  Read More »

Badass Blacklight Tattoos

Blacklight-Tats (1)

Blacklight tattoos are tattoos that glow and/or can only be seen under ultraviolet light, which is commonly referred to as blacklight. These types of tattoos allow for some pretty fun design options that you can’t get with regular tattoos. For instance, you could get a tattoo of Thor’s Hammer that looks fairly plain in normal light but has lightning shooting out around it under blacklight – essentially it looks like the hammer is being activated, and yes, you can see that tattoo in the gallery below. Blacklight tattoos are a fairly new style. There aren’t a lot of them floating around at the moment, but we’ve compiled a fun gallery of some of the best we’ve ever seen. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.Read More »

Memorable Memorial Day Tattoos

Memorial-Day-Tats (2)

Today is Memorial Day, a federal US holiday held on the last Monday of May where Americans remember and honor those who’ve died while serving in the country’s armed forces. The holiday was started as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868 by the Grand Army of the Republics – which was an organization of Union veterans at the time. It was established as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the Union troops who died during the war, usually with flowers. There was also a competing holiday held for Confederate troops on a separate day, but over time the two merged into what is now known as Memorial Day. This US military tattoo gallery is our way of celebrating the holiday and honoring those who’ve served in the US armed forces – we are based out of the US after all. That being said, honor those who sacrificed their lives fighting for others and the cause they believed in is something we believe everyone can understand and relate to regardless of their country of residency or origin. We hope you enjoy this tattoo gallery wherever you’re from or despite what negative things you may think of the United States of America.Read More »

Badass Illuminati Tattoos

Illuminati-Tats (5)

The Illuminati is either the best or worst secret society to ever exist. Worst in the fact that everyone knows about them, best if they actually still pull all the strings despite everyone knowing about them. The truth is that the name of Illuminati has been used by several real groups over the years and whether or not they exist as the all-seeing secret world governing body they’re believed by many to be is still up in the air. It all started with the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society that was founded on May 1st, 1776. The society’s main goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, abuses of state power and religious influence over public life. Ironically enough, they were more about freedom than control – but also sought to exert that freedom through control. Today the Illuminati is more of a joke to people than anything else, but many still believe it exists and thrives. Regardless of what you believe though, the All Seeing Eye is a pretty unique design. It’s THE symbol of the Illuminati and we can certainly see why people get tattoos featuring it. The Illuminati might not be real, but these badass Illuminati tats certainly are.  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Anabi

Anabi @anabi_tattoo1

Anabi @anabi_tattoo Anabi has been drawing ever since he was a kid. He enjoyed reading comic books, drawing his favorite heroes and creating his own histories. He drew his first tattoo back in 1999 but didn’t start seriously tattooing every day until 2007. Today, he’s one of the most talented tattoo artists on the planet. As the eclectic gallery below shows, Anabi doesn’t specialize in any given style. He works on different designs on a daily basis and excels at them all. It doesn’t matter what kind of tattoo you want, if you find yourself near Szczecin, Poland you should stop by Custom Tattoo Studio and get a tattoo by one of the best artists in the business. Custom Tattoo Studio Szczecin, Poland IG – FB –  Read More »

Amazing Playing Card Tattoos

Card-Tats (8)

A few days ago we featured a gambling tattoo gallery full of casino imagery, like roulette tables, dice and whatnot – you can check it out here. Today we’re focusing on the most iconic and integral gambling device of all time, playing cards. Playing cards date all the way back to 9th century Tang China. However, the standard deck of 52-cards wasn’t introduced until about 400 years later and actually originate from France despite often being referred to as English playing cards. Cards have been used as iconic imagery for a lot of things over the centuries and you probably see them more in your life than you realize. We hope you enjoy today’ playing cards gallery as much as we do.Read More »

Old School Gaming Tattoos

Nick D'Angelo @dangeloart

When most people think of video games nowadays they think about the Call of Duty franchise or mobile smartphone games, but there’s still something to be said about the old school gaming of yesteryear. These gaming tattoos celebrate a bygone era of gaming that is kept alive by the memory of older gamers, local video game stores, and the few standing arcade cabinets still in existence. (Okay, so the PS4 controller isn’t old school, but just about everything else is and was too cool with the shading not to include!_ Even if you’re not an old school gamer and can’t relate with most of the images, we’re sure you can still appreciate these badass tattoos. Enjoy  Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Oliver Peck

Oliver Peck2

Oliver Peck @oliverpeckertattoos Oliver Peck is a professional tattoo artist who works out of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, TX. He specializes in exquisite new school tattoos and is the man to see if you’re looking for a colorful tattoo design. Like it says on the Elm Street Tattoo About page, Peck is a tattoo artist who believes tattoos are a life-style, not a fashion statement. We think you’ll agree his passion is quite readily translated in his work. Anyone looking for a tattoo by Oliver Peck can likely walk into Elm Street Tattoo on any given day and get their tattoo process started with him. Although those who can’t afford the trip to Texas can still enjoy the work he uploads regularly to his Instagram. Elm Street Tattoo Dallas, TX Instagram – WEBSITE –  Read More »

Badass Dinosaur Tattoos


Remember the awe and wonder you felt the first time you saw Jurassic Park? Yes, we’re talking about the original, not Jurassic World. (If you haven’t seen Jurassic Park, go do so THIS INSTANT!) Jurassic Park made, and continues to make, people fall in love with dinosaurs. The scientific community has always been awe-struck by the idea of such massive extinct creatures, but fictional depictions that bring these impressive creatures to life, like Jurassic Park and the tattoos in this gallery, are what make dinosaurs so popular. Is it possible to make dinosaurs not look badass? (While still making them look good of course.) If so, we still haven’t seen it, and you won’t see it here in this gallery.  Read More »