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Titillating Television Tattoos

TV-Tats (1)

The television, aka TV, was first made available in the 1920s. However, it didn’t become popular until after World War II. Yep, that’s right. Televisions haven’t even been around for 100 years and they’re already commonplace in just about every home. Whether or not televisions should be as commonplace and consumed as they are is another matter entirely though. People have been railing against the use of televisions for decades, claiming they “rot the brain” and cause brain cancer – neither of which have been supported by actual scientific fact. Let’s be honest, they’re more metaphorical claims than anything else. Many of the television tattoos featured in this gallery seek to make a statement too. Whether or not you agree with their statement is another matter entirely though. These television tattoos are amazing and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.  Read More »

Tattoo Artist Magazine: The Ink Master Interview

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[vimeo w=590&h=420] The Inkmaster Interview – Tattoo Artist Magazine from Richard Kennedy on Vimeo.Read More »

Ink Master: Season 2 Casting in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Austin


Oliver Peck: Hey everyone, in case you didn’t see already they are casting for Season 2 of Ink Master. I have nothing to do with the casting process but would love to see some great tattooers on the show this season, I know a lot of good tattooers turned it down before, and I understand, but if you think you could be up for the challenge it is fuckin’ fun and an amazing experience. And of course the more good tattooers we get on here the better it is for the tattoo community. They are going to make this show with or without us… So might as well be with us! Sweet -Oliver Ink Master: We are in search of highly skilled tattoo artists from across the country! If you have the creativity, artistic skills and personality to impress the judges, we want to meet you in person at one of our Open Casting Calls! If you canʼt make it to an open call, please visit us at for details on how to submit a home video! For questions, please e-mail us at… Read More »

Adult Swim’s Tyson McAdoo Talks to Tattoo Artist Magazine (VIDEO)

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Bio from Tyson McAdoo’s Site: Born from the secret love affair between a famed Scottish ballerina and the Wolfman, Tyson McAdoo spent his younger years leaping and howling in the dark woods of Carlisle. At age 18 his talents of corn dog sculpture garnered the attention of the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts… [Video and Pictures on expanded page]Read More »