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Tattoos By Zach Nelligan
Triple Crown Tattoo
Austin, TX
zach-nelligan-2zach-nelligan-indian head 2 4x6zach-nelligan-butterfly back 4x6zach-nelligan-lady liberty 4x6zach-nelligan-leopard head 4x6
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Scott Ellis Austin Tattoo Convention 2013 Interview for Tattoo Artist Magazine (VIDEO)

Video by Luke Holley


Joey Ortega Austin Tattoo Convention 2013 Interview for Tattoo Artist Magazine (VIDEO)

Video by Luke Holley


Star of Texas Tattoo Revival: On the Road in Austin, Texas

By Nicki Kasper
I was excited when I was asked to work the Austin show. I hadn’t been to Texas, and was looking forward to checking out the city. After a full-body search courtesy of Portland airport security, a long flight and a cab ride that almost sent me flying through the windshield, I was happy to get checked into my hotel room…

West Texas Tattoo Convention: On the Road from San Angelo, Texas

By John

After a week-long stay in Austin, Texas (ATX) following the Star of Texas Convention, I jumped in a cargo van and drove out to the West Texas Tattoo Convention in San Angelo.

It turned out that a few people from the ATX show also made the scary journey through the west Texas dessert, including Richard Stell, Rock of Ages, Austin Tattoo Co., Electric 13 Tattoo and Triple Crown Tattoo. I’m sure there were others and I apologize for not mentioning you here. (more…)

Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival: On the Road from Austin, Texas

By John

It happened as soon as I landed in Austin, Texas. Not the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival- that would start the following day… however it didn’t take long to see some friendly faces, deep in the heart of Texas.

I was posted up in baggage claim, doing my normal multi-tasking: texting, listening to music, checking e-mails, playing Words With Friends (you know) the usual mindless activities while I waited for the baggage gods to release my personals. (more…)