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Dave Waugh: Vintage Tattoo Flyers

By Dave Waugh Wow. I went digging through a box of old papers and drawings and found something long forgotten…Read More »

Dave Waugh: Over Qualified Loser (VIDEO)


[youtube] By Dave Waugh I hate reality TV. But ask anyone I know and they’ll claim I say I love it. I do hate it though… And reality TV has actually been around since the invention of the TV, we just finally gave it a name. Game shows have always been the most successful ones, and guess what, it’s been scripted since day one too. I complain, but don’t care really, I just love TV…Read More »

TAM Issue #25: Video Teaser (VIDEO)

Jack Rudy Cover TAM #25

[youtube] Order now…Read More »

Daniel Higgs: Sing A Song (Videos)


This is the first installation in a series of videos that my good friend and musical crime partner Michael Sternbach is working on. All the performances and interviews are shot on location at my studio space known as the 3rd Degree in Asbury Park, New Jersey U.S.A.  [Videos are on expanded page]Read More »