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Another Wondrous Walter White Tattoo Gallery

Paul Antal @antalpaul

Yes, Breaking Bad’s main protagonist is so popular and often used in tattoos that we’ve created another gallery focused solely on Walter White. By the time you’re done perusing these galleries, you may even start calling him “The Man of a Million Faces”, because that’s how varied these tattoos of the same person are! Breaking Bad may be over, but it’s clear from these tattoos that the show is sure to live on for generations still to come.  Which actually can make things tougher on the main actors due to typecasting. Although we’re sure Bryan Cranston won’t have a problem breaking through it.  Read More »

15 Incredible Walter White Tattoos

Jack Brizuela @staygoldtattooph_ig

Walter White is the main character whose story is told in Breaking Bad, one of the most popular television series of recent memory. His life is forever changed upon being diagnosed with cancer, so we figured now would be a great time to give you a Walter White themed tattoo gallery – seeing as how September is cancer awareness month and also the same month on which the show ended in 2013. It’s pretty crazy how people are still talking about this show three years after it ended as if it were still running new episodes. Hype still hasn’t really died down, and we’re not going to let it. So enjoy the Walter White gallery below and be sure to share with us your favorite moment from the series in the comment section while you’re here.  Read More »